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In either situation the prevention and treatment of foot arch pain is vital to the continuation of pain-free exercise. The joint and muscles that make up the arch of the foot act as shock absorbers during weight-bearing exercises. A sudden increase in exercise or intensity may lead to excessive stress on those joints and muscles. Exercise on hard or uneven surfaces such as pavement or hiking trails may also contribute to foot arch pain. To prevent pain, progress gradually in exercise to allow the body — including the foot — to adapt to increased demands.

With pes planus, or flat feet, the foot overpronates or collapses during exercise such as walking or running.
Wear properly fitted footwear and orthotics, and replace when worn or old to support the arches and keep feet healthy and pain free.
Plantar fasciitis is inflammation of the plantar fascia, which may develop due to repetitive high impact exercise. A symptom of plantar fasciitis is arch pain that is worse in the morning and during high impact exercises.
According to the Ohio State University Medical Center, individuals with flat feet or high arches are at a higher risk of developing plantar fasciitis.

This impingement is referred to as tarsal tunnel syndrome and may cause radiating pain in the arch [See reference 3].
Exercise aggravates tarsal tunnel syndrome and surgery is usually required to stop impingement. Include cross training and low impact exercise as part of workout routines to guarantee adequate recovery of muscles and bones.

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