Mix all the ingredients in a wide and deep pan so that it holds enough water to soak both your feet. You can either mix all the above ingredients first (except water) to make a mixture to store it in a mason jar to ease task during future foot-soak sessions, or else, you can also add the ingredients one by one to a basin full of warm water, and then soak your feet. Deeply exfoliate skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with Anti-Aging Chemical Peel by Renewance. Tighten and tone skin while reducing pore size with Anti-Aging Daily Firming Treatment by Renewance. Remove the dry, tough, and crusty skin from the soles of your feet with this creamy pumice foot scrub.

As you relax your feet in foot soaks, your whole body tends to get rid of its tiredness quickly, since there are active nerve endings under your feet that quickly pick up stimuli.
Either ways, the above ingredients act as anti-fungal and anti-bacterial helping to detox your stinky feet and keep them healthy and stench-free.
When done, submerge both your feet in warm water and keep them soaked as long as the water is warm.
Make your own foot soaks at home with different ingredients for different purposes, and that should not only give you the best results in a very natural way, but would also cut down your expenses.
Hydrogen peroxide is an excellent antiseptic, and would destroy all primary infections and toxins from your feet.

Different foot soak recipes help in different conditions like athlete’s foot, calluses, cracked heels, sore foot, nail fungus, foot blisters etc., as also remove the dead skins from your feet and help in exfoliating, thus acts as foot softeners, making them look gorgeous.
The tea tree oil is a good antifungal and would keep your feet free from any possible fungal infections, which is especially common to those people who wear leather shoes or foot-covered footwear frequently.

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