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Start our FREE 4 Part Running Form Video Series where I reveal how improving your running form can help you run injury-free. A runner with chronic pain under his first metatarsal head will almost certainly benefit from a shoe insert which relieves pressure on this area. If so, join our newsletter and get FREE access to our 4-part running form video series where I reveal how improving your running form can help you run injury-free. I have had a year of pain, with doctors thinking it was gout, x-rays, blood tests, anti inflamatories etc.
I am trying to get my money back and very upset that I paid 1000$ for 2 pairs of junk that gave me pain. I have ordered a pair of custom arthotics due to getting pain in my hip and groin area in the past 6 months, also all my running shoes wear on the outside after only 120 miles, some of my insoles in my right shoe even have holes in them on the outside, Physichal therapist says my left leg is 10mm longer than my right and that i my left leg isnt straight, interestingly a lot of my problems in the past 12 months have been on my left side. Experiencing inner ankle pain after running could be indicative of possible injuries or more serious ailments. A pain in the inner ankle while or after running may not seem a matter of concern to many, while it may be so in a majority of cases. Slight or strong trauma in the ankle region is the most common cause why you may experience a shooting pain in your inner ankle.
More often than not, people do not realize the importance of wearing the appropriate shoes when they go running. Now that we know the possible causes for the pain, let's move on to the next step of finding out the best remedies to get some relief for it.

Giving a cold treatment to the injured ankle is another effective way to deal with the injury. If you don't experience any relief even after using any of the treatments given above, then you must consult a physician for medical advice. If you have a foot or lower leg injury and decide to give an orthotic a shot, it should feel better, not worse, than running without an orthotic. A year ago I had a severe lisfranc injury involving breaks and dislocation of my midfoot, after getting my cast off I was fitted with orthotics with more support under my metatarsals.
After 6 weeks of not running in them just walking I started to run only small distances as prescribed.
Therefore I recommend you go back to do what you were doing before the pain appeared and see what happens. In this article, we'll try to get to the bottom of the reasons why this pain may occur and also offer some effective treatments for it. It is possible that during your run, you may have placed your foot in a manner that may have led to the twisting of the ankle. So, if you're experiencing pain in your inner ankle, especially after running, and you're sure you haven't twisted your ankle, then try a change of shoes. The pain is a message sent by your body telling you to take it easy and not stress your injured ankle. He will most probably advice you to take some anti-Inflammatory medication, most likely Ibuprofen, to ease the inflammation and reduce the pain.

However, you must still be cautious about how much pressure you exert on the injured ankle. Furthermore, studies of running injuries were not showing a clear connection between pronation and injury. The other thing your body may do is avoid the arch altogether by riding on the outside (lateral) edge of the foot, this often is the cause of hip and or IT band pain after getting orthotics. However, there may sometimes occur some instances when you may experience a shooting or stinging pain in your inner ankle after running for some time.
Tendinitis can be caused if there is excess stress applied to the ankle or even if there is repetitive strain on an injured ankle, like in a sport. If you don't have either, you can make one for yourself by wrapping ice cubes in a piece of cloth and gently pressing it on your ankle. After being prescribed rest the problem 8 weeks on is still there, plus I now have knee pain. Given below are some of the most probable causes why you may experience pain in your ankle after running.
After you do this, place your foot in an elevated position and let it rest for a while till you feel better.

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