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The healthy foot is made up of 26 bones, although it is not uncommon for individuals to have additional small bones called ossicles. Each bone has protective Articular Cartiledge cushioning it from rubbing directly against other bones. The healthy ankle is a joint consisting of three bones, wrapped by ligaments and cushioned by thick cartilage. Foot and AnkleThere are twenty eight bones in the foot and ankle, and until relatively recently, the way that the various bones interact to work in synergy was not well understood. When view at this photo Ankle Bones Diagram, you can download and take the Ankle Bones Diagram photo by right click on the right click to get the large version.
This laminated chart by the Anatomical Chart Company illustrates foot and ankle anatomy including bones, muscles and tendons.

The chart is ideal for learning or explaining the anatomy of the foot and ankle, and common injuries and conditions. Twenty years ago there were very few types of foot operations performed, with limited success. It is elastic enough to act as a shock absorber and tough enough to last through a lifetime of regular use. The fibula and tibia make up the lower leg and their lower edge forms the top portion of the ankle.
The understanding of the functioning of the foot has led to great strides in the precision and success of foot surgery and this has led to this being a rapidly expanding field in orthopaedic surgery.The Manchester Orthopaedic Group has two surgeons able to offer a full service for foot and ankle conditions. The mid foot is composed of the small, irregularly shaped bones between the hind foot and long foot bones (see the pic above).

Unfortunately, if it’s injured the healing process can be long due to limited blood flow and slow regrowth.
They are able to offer treatments for simple, but common, problems like hammered toes, bunions and ganglions, and also more complex treatments for arthritis, tendon problems, ankle instability and deformities.

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