If there is no other alternative for your closeout purchase, then please note that you can return the item for 100% store credit good towards your next purchase or an 80% refund back to your original form of payment.
These fit so comfortably and have a little bit of shimmer to them that makes them so beautiful. If reward points were used on your initial order, you will be credited back by store credit for that specific amount and the remainder by credit card or PayPal.Closeout items CANNOT be exchanged because we cannot guarantee that the size you are hoping to exchange for will be available by the time we receive your item.

If you wish for another closeout size or style, then please place another completely separate order, and send your original item back for a refund.
You will then be credited back in full.All closeouts ship via UPS Ground and do not qualify for the same 2 to 3 day shipping as the full-priced merchandise. If the shoe ran small and they were adding a size so it would fit properly that would have been one thing.

But to add a size on a normal shoe so that it is clearly one size too large when I try it on just doesn't make sense.

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