Mens Heel PadsMen's Silicone Gel Heel Pads Heel pads are designed to dissipate heel strike shock help reduce stress and strain on the ankle knee and lower back. Should a package be lost or damaged by the carrier, you agree to fully co-operate to help us to recover any costs from the carrier in relation to your order. Should your item develop a fault within its warranty period, please let us know using the messaging email service as soon as possible.

Should an exchange of product(s) or return be agreed with you, please note that you will not under any circumstances be entitled to any refund or exchange from us until we have actually received the product(s) to exchanged or refund, from you.
Please let us know by using the messaging email service as soon as possible, in any event within 14 working days, the unwanted product(s) must be unopened, unused in original condition and your message should be clearly worded stating that you wish to cancel. These soles are not only made of thick rubber but are also easy to apply and made my shoes more comfortable.

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