1 Comment This post is truly from experience, and as a professional volleyball player I am a huge advocate for the use of acupuncture for knee pain or dry needling for knee pain.
Chronic knee pain is something that hits a lot of people, and although I believe there are a lot of things you can do to ensure you have healthy knees, acupuncture is a treatment that will definitely make a difference. Here is a video covering a couple of acupuncture points for knee pain to help reduce discomfort and pain in general. Dry needling is a direct soft tissue treatment used as an extension to massage, and acupuncture is a Chinese medicine approach.

Well knee pain is one of the major problem found in children and adults and studies have proved that acupuncture is effective in healing with certain types of knee pain. I have had acupuncture done, which is a Chinese medicine approach and works by altering the meridians in the body, and I have also had dry needling done, which involves releasing trigger points with the needles. Acupressure for knee pain is something you can do at home with your fingers in place of the needles, not as effective, but definitely another way to treat the pain. A lot of my knee pain comes from low soft tissue quality, repetitive jumping, and overall tiredness in the muscles.

I have had it done several ways, needles simply going in the trigger points, needles in the trigger points and then being spun (painful), crazy physios finding my trigger points with the needles and going in and out moving it around and trying to get that little ball released (very painful). This is very different to acupuncture, and often leaves me a little sorer directly after, but is by far my favourite treatment and one I turn to when I need quick release and pain relief.

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