As the feet roll inwards (over-pronation) the legs rotate internally, placing stress on the muscles at the back the legs.
For ladies' fashion shoes, Footlogics Catwalk insoles can be very helpful in preventing tired, aching legs. Burning or aching feet is common after a long day of standing, walking or just sitting, many people are so used to aching feet that they ignore the condition that is causing it, some conditions are local and minor and some are more serious.
Excessive pressure put on your feet as a result of obesity and spending a long period standing. Athletes’ foot can sometimes spread to cause burning sensation on the sole of the foot.
Warning: Burning feet that do not respond to the natural remedy listed above might be an early warning of the onset of diabetes. Oftentimes, people seek medical attention for an intense headache or to a dentist for an aching tooth, but lazy to treat their painful foot unless they couldn’t walk anymore. Aching feet may cause problems that will also affect other parts of the body such as the hips, knees and neck.  But initially, let us examine some causes and symptoms of aching feet. Research says that one reason for this might be due to fallen arches or what podiatrists call “over-pronated feet”.

Remedies for aching feet vary depending on the degree of pain.  These tips are meant for mild cases to pamper and treat your aching feet. This will ensure that your feet are well supported during your daily routine for walking or leaping.
After washing your feet, moisturize them with a lotion or cream.  This will help especially during winter months. Regularly treat your feet to a spa or massage especially if you have done some strenuous walking or hiking. It is perplexing to see how people would go to great lengths in order to achieve the quintessential good looks. As a result this will decrease internal rotation of the legs and the stretching on the leg muscles, thereby reducing tired, aching legs. Aching foot is more common in those over the age of 50, but it can also occur in younger age groups.
This is damage to the nerves, in this case the nerves to your feet is a symptom of peripheral neuropathy.
According to study, an average person use his feet in walking at around 160,000km in his lifetime.

You might experience pain in the arch of your feet, near the heel or near your toes whenever you put pressure on them. Remember to soften them first by soaking your feet in warm water and gently remove the calluses and corns by using a pumice stone. Athlete’s foot It’s a condition that occurs on the bottom parts of the feet or in between your toes, which is caused by a fungus. A secondary cause of leg pain is strain and excess stretching of the calf muscles as a result of poor foot function.
Although this information varies from each individual, it only shows that normal feet can experience strain at some point.
It is good to check if the soles of your shoes are well-padded because poorly supported feet combined with strenuous activities will eventually cause pain.

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