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Popular Woodworking contributing editor and finishing guru Bob Flexner is leading a two-day finishing seminar June 21 & 22 at the Marc Adams School of Woodworking in Franklin, Ind. This seminar will give you a thorough understanding of wood finishing, and help you overcome any finishing trepidation you might have.
Finishing Internal Woodwork – all the information you need before staining, varnishing or painting internal woodwork. Nail and screw heads should be set below the surface and covered with a suitable wood filler before varnishing. Timber with strong visible knots should be covered with patent knotting or a suitable stain blocker. Nail and screw heads should be set below the surface and concealed with a suitable filler before painting.
Apply two coats of a suitable undercoat or primer as a foundation coat.Apply two coats of wood paint finish.
Built on the idea of creating and providing quality woodwork and finishes for reasonable prices. Not only will John build or refurbish your idea, but he also is hands-on from the start by listening to customer needs, meeting with them for a free consultation and free estimate. At JET Finishing and Woodwork, John personally stays with the build or project from start to finish.
JET Finishing and Woodwork LLC operates out of a small shop in the country side of beautiful Door County.
Cyberworks has been serving both the business and consumer computer markets in Northeast WI for over 10 years. A great gift to give or hold onto until you here of that great show you know you'll love. John Sternard has over 12 years of experience as a woodworker, cabinet maker, custom finisher. Through a combination of lecture and demonstration, Bob will show you how to properly use brushes and spray equipment, how to prepare your projects for successful finishing and how to choose the best finish for your work.

From your idea and need, John then puts it to paper and lays out your vision with his touch.
Meeting with you, hand picking your chosen materials from the local sawmill, personally laying out and assembly and when finished John will be there for you when you pick up your order.
John then took additional courses through high school, expanding his knowledge and experience from other craftsmen who came before him. The shop a new addition to a renovated milking barn his grandfather once used as his own workshop.
Allow each coat to dry and sand lightly after the first and second coat (removing all dust). Sanding, planing, and scraping can help eliminate surface imperfections by softening and smoothing the wood. Keep your eyes and ears open to all sources that might serve as brainstorming ideas for decorating.how to give an antique look to furnitureDon't Forget to Bookmark our site. It is the company focus to buy local and stay local to show customers the beauty of Door County products. They have a full in-house service department and large on-hand selection of PC parts and components available 7 days per week.
Processes to alter the wood’s color and aesthetic are often applied before the finish, including staining and bleaching. Once approved on color and finish, John will then seek out materials that are locally milled. After graduation, John put in almost 12 years of service in one of the midwest's largest cabinet and door suppliers.
Now John has put his personal focus and attention to his own touch and quality with creating JET Finishing and Woodwork LLC. By comparing specific application requirements with various finish traits, the right coating can be selected. Some common types of clear finish and their distinguishing characteristics are discussed below.

Shellac does, however, provide its substrate with moderate water protection and provides effective protection against solvents, with the exception of alcohol. The application technique can be complicated but, like wax, shellac can be completely removed using alcohol. Additionally, shellac is compatible with other coatings and acts as an effective base layer. However, there are several toxic solvents in the mixture, requiring the applier to use a protective mask to avoid inhaling toxic fumes. Additionally, the coating typically requires a spray-on application method, which further releases toxins into the air.
Their application methods are similar, and in both cases protection against toxins is necessary. Conversion varnish, however, can only be applied in shops using specialized spray equipment and is hard to remove. Additionally, the coating can resist an array of substances, providing strong substrate protection. Paint removers can effectively remove the coating, and after the curing period, the coating is quite durable. Additionally, it works well on products that are exposed to UV and is safer to use than traditional polyurethane varnish.
To remove oil finishes, the substrate must be sanded down because oil absorbs into the wood.

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