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There are thousands of reasons why you should buy woodpeckers wood router tables and other tools. We contacted Woodpeckers and Justin, the vice president, said that he would give us a set of the new plastic clamps free because the old aluminum flip stops weren’t available any more. The customer, who is a really nice guy as most woodworkers are, thought that was a pretty cool deal. Woodpeckers Premium Router Table Package includes everything a woodworker needs for making virtually any woodworking project. Woodpeckers is an American company offering a range of top-class router tables on a 'mix and match' basis, allowing purchasers to configure a model to suit their particular requirements and budgets.
I had the use of the Unilift insert plate, with its precise 'wind-up' depth setting and locking screw to lock the router in place once the depth is set. I used the Freud FT 2000 router which, with its long motor spindle, enabled the collet spanner to be used from above the table, without an extension.
The fenceThe LE fence is an aluminium machining carrying adjustable infeed and outfeed fences, and a dust extractor take-off point. A pair of metal shims is supplied to bring the outfeed fence forward for edge-planing and full-face moulding operations. The verdictThe Woodpeckers system would be at (or near) the top of my list if I were looking for a commercial router table. An assembly of high-class components like these does not come cheap, but the range of options for each major component gives great flexibility to cater for a wide range of user requirements and budgets.

Unless otherwise stated, all content is © Copyright 2011 GMC Publications LTD or licensed for use by GMC Publications. Woodpeckers PRL-V2-350 Precision Router Lift V2 The Precision Router Lift V2 (PRL-V2) combines the best in router lift technology. Instructional video that shows uses of Woodpeckers PRL-V2 and Side Winder 420 Router Lifts how to install and uninstall Motor pads into the carriage of their router lift.
We contacted our customer and told him that the aluminum flip stops were not available anymore. The model supplied for review was the LE32 routing centre, and came ready assembled from Wood Workers Workshop. A router insert opening to take any of the range of Woodpecker's insert plates is machined in the top and set back 355mm (14in) from the front edge to maximise the work surface area. An optional pair of tall fence-cheeks carries tracks to allow hold-downs and guards to be fitted. It comes as standard with four levelling feet, but I also had the wheel kit, which makes movement around the workshop very easy. It features laser-cut notches for precise angle setting, and adjustable expanding fittings in the bar to fine-tune the fence to run in the track without any play. VAT & delivery, correct at time of publication) Above price for table as tested, less the tall fence and Featherbow pressure guards. They had been replaced by superior plastic flip stops and that we would give him a set free if he wanted them.

Additional items supplied included a tall sub-fence, an Incra V27 mitre fence, vertical and horizontal hold-downs by FeatherBow, and a pressed steel dust collection box. This new router lift features the proven robust construction of the Precision Router Lift combined with the near instant elevation changes of the Quick Lift. No NVR switch was provided with the table, but I 'borrowed' one from another table for the test. Some of the most noteworthy features include a Quick Lift mechanism which makes raising the router to any coarse position or to bit changing height lighting fast with no cranking. Starting with little more than a few routers we've grown into a full fledged manufacturer of router lifts, router fences, measuring & layout tools and many useful clamping accessories.
Each lift includes three Twist Lock rings, spring loaded lift wrench, spanner wrench and a steel starting pin. The Super Fence has a very unique built in self squaring out feed fence that makes it easy to micro-adjust the front face alignment while staying perfectly parallel. Feather boards attach to any of the three front t-slots and can even straddle a sacrificial wooden fence through the use of the feather board track which adjusts to a variety of board thicknesses.

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