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Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. Shanghai Fine-V Furniture Factory is a professional manufaturer of children furniture integrating R&D, manufacture and marketing, occupying an area of 12, 000 square meters, with approximate 200 workers. We have complete management & operating system, each item is made by hand and each process sticks to the strict standard.
We use pine wood material specially imported from Finland in order to produce the environmental furnitures for kids and teens.
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With over 80% of children's toys now being made in China, we are thrilled to be stocking these delightful hand crafted wooden toys.
Fill in your details and we will call you back to answer your questions about this product. A workman positions a wooden horse patterns on top of wood that will be cut into the shape of a horse at the Hachinohe Toy Wooden Horse Factory in Hachinohe, Japan. Jim Bryant is a freelance photo-journalist, picture editor, and teacher who has covered a wide variety of photo assignments ranging from local news and sports to international travel and war.
Stock images of travel locations include the Pacific Northwest, Japan, Thailand, Pacific Islands, Africa, Portugal, and Panama, College and Professional sports, Food and Fine Art.

Digital Photography Classes and Seminars are taught from the beginner to a professional more advanced level. We think it’s wonderful that today’s kids have an unprecedented choice of toys and activities, but at the same time we know full well that our kids are perfectly happy making up their own games with only a tiny amount of external stimulus – let’s be honest, what child can resist a big cardboard box?! We’re not sure how long hobby horses have been around, but we think that children have played with hobby horses for hundreds of years. Well, it would appear that plenty of children still enjoy playing with hobby horses and plenty of parents, grandparents and grownups are happy to saddle up a horse, wrap it in colourful paper and present it to lucky kids on birthdays and at Christmas. I suspect that the games modern children play with their hobby horses are the same as ever. We offer a wide selection of high quality kids furniture, all at a reasonable and competitive price.
The Hachinohe horse or Yawata Uma is made in a small factory, where, for eight hours a day, six days a week, 11 workers cuts, chisel, sand, paint and shellac wooded horses of all sizes ranging from just over an inch to nearly a foot high. While the trains , tracks and wooden toys , wooden toy trains , wooden toy trucks, wooden rocking horse, wooden building blocks, wooden toy airplanes, wooden toy boats, pull toys , Welcome to Whittle Shortline Railroad, home of the *1 American-made wooden toy trains . Our beloved WoodenToyShop isn’t a trip down memory lane for two old duffers who yearn for the simple things from yesteryear.
You’d have thought that hobby horses, like real horses, might have suffered a decline in popularity with the advent of the motor car.

A hobby horse is an invitation to gallop away across imaginary fields in pursuit of adventure.
From the Central American rainforest to the ice sculptures in Japan's most northern island to the plains of Africa, it has been said that-Jim Bryant can't take an ugly photograph.Utilizing a strong sense of color, graphic design, lighting, composition and motion linked with human emotions I create images taken from split seconds of time that will never be duplicated again. Our handcrafted railcars are made from reforested birch hardwood Children's toy trains & wooden trains from Thomas the Tank Engine, Thomas & Friends, Brio, Whittle Shortline Railroad, and other wooden toy trains .
Rather, it’s a place for parents and grownups to come along and find a wooden toy that will deliver a huge amount of joy and fun to children that you wouldn’t think is possible without the bells, whistles and razzamatazz that accompany many modern toys. Hobby horses are toys that children will cherish, often giving them a favourite name and a prominent position in their list of favourite toys. The only limit to these games is the limits of a young imagination, which we all know is frequently limitless. I remember racing my brother around our grandparents’ garden on our hobby horses (yes, I did have a cowboy outfit) as we dodged in and out of granddad’s gooseberry bushes and tried (and often failed) to remember not to trample on the flower bed.
It’s also sometimes easy to forget the clear developmental benefits of toys such as hobby horses, which help children strengthen growing muscles, improve balance and fine motor skills and generally promote increased confidence in young children who need a helping hand to stand up alone and start to move around by themselves.

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