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This is a Swallow Kingfisher Greenhouse built from high quality Redwood Pine with a special factory paint job in "Bracken".The greenhouse features toughened safety glass, slatted staging, automatic roof vent openers and an inward opening door with a mortise lock for added security.
Learn how to build a DIY greenhouse plan, building greenhouses at home, with the right plans can be easy!
Since 1921 Alton greenhouses have been famous amongst gardeners as the leading Cedar greenhouse on the market.
The iconic sloping sided Amateur greenhouse has led the market for decades and at the time of its introduction in the 50s it was at the cutting edge of greenhouse design.
With their elegant tall windows and steep 45° pitched roofs, the Alton Victorian collection of timber greenhouses recalls a time when this country fell in love with gardening under glass. Alton Evolution Victorian greenhouses look fantastic in any garden and are available in glass to ground, dwarf wall and partly boarded options in a host of sizes. The Alton Evolution Victorian range is a superb new range which cleverly blends the benefits of modern design with a distinctly Victorian image.You can choose from three styles – Glass to ground, half boarded or dwarf wall versions, and a huge range of three widths in almost any length. Your Alton Evolution greenhouse will be supplied in completely natural cedar which will be factory treated in a clear wood preservative. Of course if you wish to stain your greenhouse a certain colour, or if you wish to prevent the natural ageing effect that occurs in the first year or two as water soaks in and out of the Cedar wood - lifting the darker natural oils to the surface of the Cedar - then you can of course apply a coloured wood preservative if you wish - the fact that it is in a convenient flat pack format means that this is easy for you to do before you assemble it or before your fitter comes. The treatment that we use to factory treat your Alton Evolution greenhouse is Barrettine Clear wood preservative, whilst not necessary from a rot prevention point of view, this does help the wood to age evenly to the attractive silvery colour which is distinctive to Cedar and reduces the prevalence of stains that can develop from the water soaking in and out of untreated wood.
The only maintenance that we really recommend is that you clean your greenhouse every year, and you'll no doubt do this anyway - to keep your glass nice and clean. Your greenhouse frame is guaranteed for 10 years against rot - you never have to treat the greenhouse for this - just leave it as it is and clean it once a year.
The Alton Victorian greenhouse complete with matching cold frames formed the centrepiece of the Greenhouse People display stand at the Malvern show this Autumn.
The display consisted of nine greenhouses including Alton models as well as Robinsons, Simplicity and Hercules greenhouses and the judges particularly liked the autumnal colour scheme of the planting in the specially made matching Cedar planters.
A stand at a trade show is quite a logistical operation with greenhouses; there is literally nothing for it other than to just assemble some greenhouses which involves a lot of work. If you are looking for a greenhouse that perfectly matches your requirements then Kent Sectional Buildings Greenhouses are the company of choice.
Greenhouses that we create and install throughout Kent include traditional style greenhouses, Victorian greenhouses, and potting sheds.

Please click on the images below to see larger pictures of some of the greenhouses we've created for clients.
In the first instance we offer a free estimating service without obligation, which means that we will visit you on site to discuss your exact requirements.
Kent Sectional Buildings Greenhouses are available either as complete wood and glazing or as wood, glazing and brickwork.
In the last ten years, I have had a large garden shed and a greenhouse from Kent Sectional Buildings. We looked at a number of different suppliers and we chose you because we felt that your summerhouse was the best value for money. The greenhouse kept us going (and neighbours) with tomatoes, peppers, aubergines etc for many months.
We are very pleased with our beautifully designed greenhouse and the quality of all the fixtures. I am extremely pleased with my greenhouse which is beautifully made, sturdy and well designed and will be put to good use this Summer. We offer these beautiful greenhouses in a range of colours to suit your garden or just plain timber if you prefer.Visit our Greenhouse Stores website to view the full range of sizes and options available with the Swallow Kingfisher Greenhouse.
A greenhouse is a great addition to your garden, it can extend your gardening year and help produce high yields.
Well known for the best quality Canadian red Cedar which gives the Alton greenhouses a long life, and a strong and stable frame. Now, the Alton design team have been pooling their vast knowledge and experience, along with years of feedback from our customers in order to create a Cedar greenhouse fit for the 21st Century. With uncompromising attention to detail and using the finest materials, our Victorian greenhouses are both beautiful and functional.
For full details of our alton range click here to request a brochure, or click here to visit your local Agent.
This kind of Cedar is absolutely perfect for greenhouses as, although it readily absorbs moisture - even to the point of looking soaking wet, it also readily gives it up and dries quickly - yet never warps or moves - this makes it ideal for the conditions in a greenhouse. There is no need for us to ruin this natural look, which highlights the broad variation of colours in the different pieces of the Cedar, by treating it with any artificial colour. It must have caught the eye of the judges as they presented the stand with a silver-gilt medal, the highest award that we have ever won and one that rarely graces the world of greenhouses!

In fact before that even starts, we have to lay a special wooden floor to give a nice level surface and an attractive backdrop to the show. Our craftsmen will custom build and install a high quality greenhouse that will be a beautiful feature in your garden. There are, of course, many greenhouse companies in Kent to choose from but our focus at Kent Sectional Buildings is on building high quality wooden greenhouses that are perfectly tailored to your exact requirements.
As a potential customer you expect to get a wooden greenhouse that’s perfectly matched to you and because every job quotation is bespoke to you, there is no precise price for each type of greenhouse.
As a company that has been long established you’d expect us to have many testimonials from clients about what we do and below are just a few testimonials related to clients in Kent who have bought greenhouses from us.
Add to this the fact that it is soaked full of naturally occurring preservative oils which make it virtually immune to rot. The greenhouse will last a very long time - (customers often tell us about their 30 year old Alton greenhouse at shows) you don't need to retreat it for it to last - it will simply mellow in time to a silvery grey colour, which the Moss colour of the metal parts complements perfectly. This year’s show took fifteen working days to set up and involved 2 trucks, 4 vans, 15 bacon sandwiches and a fork lift!
Alternatively, we can also quote from drawings of your requirements that you may already have. The only consistent factor is that we ensure that the greenhouse you get is perfect for your requirements, working within your budget. It was engineered extremely well which therefore made it very easy to assemble as everything fitted exactly. What's more, the pungent aroma that we find so pleasant is also a deterrent to may insects and pests. Advances in machining and joinery technology have enabled for the first time a flat- packed greenhouse which actually takes no longer to assemble than the old system of awkward to handle fully glazed panels. Every greenhouse is priced individually depending on the style and requirements of wood, brick, and glazing.

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