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I am thinking about making out table plans and I wondered if anyone has any photos of ones they might have made.
I don't have a photo of mine yet but i will be making it myself with one of these two ideas: 1) i picked up a big gilt gold ornate frame in a charity shop and have spray painted it cream. I am going to make my own table plan, I was planning to copy something like this, but Mrs-Adams2b that table plan is lovely!
Mrs-adams-2b: Love your table plan inspiration - you have to upload a pic of you'res when it is done!! Quoted:Mrs-adams-2b: Love your table plan inspiration - you have to upload a pic of you'res when it is done!!
We are going to try and recreate this 'suitcase' table plan. We already have a large wooden suitcase that was used for shop display (got it when I was at Uni for my final year exhibition). So going to use that, line it all and decorate the inside! I am going to try and re create something like this: But with a silver frame, if i ever find one!
My friend#'s planning something rathe rcomplicated to mine - think it's an American thing - hanging tags from a tree with a name and table name on each - people have to find their name then go into the dining room and hunt for their table. The Table Plans are approximately A2 size overall, and are formed from two individual A3 sheets of card, designed to be joined at the horizontal middle point.
Calls to this number will cost 7p per minute, your telephone provider (including mobile providers) may add an additional access charge. Our handmade Vintage Bow wedding stationery collection is a luxury 300 gsm heavyweight vintage inspired design. The Vintage Bow classic luxury collection is also available as co-ordinating invitations, save the dates, favour boxes, orders of service, table plans, table numbers, place cards, menus, post boxes, guest books and thank you cards. Order a sampleWe pride ourselves in our longstanding reputation for high quality materials and designs and are confident that you will be equally as satisfied with your sample. Sthar and Andar were married at The Kings Hotel in Chipping Camden, with thanks to Steve Gerrard for sharing some of his gorgeous work with Rock My Wedding. My something old was my grandmothers ring which I wore on the other hand and my something new was the dress…… of course!
I wore a Jenny Packham dress which I bought from The Wedding Club in Edgbaston, I’ve always loved art deco inspired crystals and jewellery and vintage glamour.
My engagement ring was bespoke designed and made by award winning James Newman in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter , along with both our wedding rings from his collection. Throughout the wedding we tried to keep everything British and seasonal including the outfits. The colours were muted creams and pinks and the designs simple; we wanted everything to have an elegance to it rather than shout out loud. The day just flashes by and when we went back on his photos it brought back all the memories, made us laugh and cry, taking us back as if we were experiencing it for the first time again. The nice thing about a cosy venue at this time of year is the room dressing is already in place and we weren’t pressued to fill the room with extra flowers so instead we choose to fill the main room with candles and we sourced lanterns and vases from local farm shops.
The place tags were the wintery sprigs, tied with rugged hemp twine to the backs of the chairs. Our dear friend, Edwina at Vanilla Cupcake Kitchen made a wedding cake of cupcakes each sat in delicate, white, laser cut cases.
My family came from Barbados and Canada so it was important to us to show them how beautiful a British Christmas could be. We found The Kings Hotel in Chipping Campden 12 months previously when we looked the hotel next door. The main hotel sits on the high street so guests in front facing rooms had a view of a classic Cotswold village with snow still on the ground and white light in all the trees.
Neither of us have very large families and the size of the venue (and our pockets!) meant that every single guest was special to us.
As soon as I phoned Pixie to tell her Josh (who I call ‘tree boy’ because he is a tree surgeon and climbs tress all day!) and me (Polly) .. Well we actually did the official marriage bit on the Wednesday 22nd in Lichfield registery office. Prior to this, me and my sister-in-law has tried a few on, I LOVED Jenny Packham designs and had wedding dress envy when my friend floated down the isle in ‘PAPILLION’.
When we went engagement ring shopping in York we found this amazing Jewellers called ‘Cavendish Jewelers’ They specialise in vintage and 2nd hand pieces. I brought my shoes before the dress… full multi coloured glitter sparkle from Nine West.
Wild flowers, meadow flowers, any flowers that were at the flower market at 5am on the Friday!

We had a planting day in May, all the family gathered at Granny Pixies and planted sweet peas, those that couldn’t make it planted pots at home and brought them to the garden on the Friday!! My friend Babbit, queen of cup cakes made us a 2 giant cup cakes for tree boy & polly pocket and a hundred or more little ones!!
This was a wedding built on love and friendship… my friends from uni are very talented and Tim played the guita and bobin the double bass and my cousin with a voice like velvet sang Sister Sledge ‘I’m thinkin of you’ as part of the ceremony! Because we we’re in Pixie’s garden and the Marquee went up on the Thursday we had access when we wanted and no short time scale to get it all done! I guess because I had a ‘vision’ of how I wanted the day to feel… the process of building it was dreamy… It wasn’t stressful (although to be fair my mom is pretty organised and dotted the I’s and crossed the T’s with stuff I might have forgotten about!) like table clothes and helpers!! For the evening we had a band… about a 9 piece band we’d seen at a friends wedding and had danced all night on a booming dance floor.
This pretty table plan is adorned with lovely white lace and a beautiful crystal embellishment. The standard size is close to A3 (not including the frame) and comfortably fits up to 13 tables.
There is a FAST Track option for most stationery items, which reduces the processing time by 2 weeks.
Forming part of our popular Vintage Heart Range, this elegant DIY Wedding Table Plan is customised with the first names of the bride and groom, and wedding date; all inscribed in laser-cut lettering.
Different configurations on this listing allow for between 4 and 8 tables (without a Top Table). Yours to keep so that you can take a look back in many years to come and remember your special day. This is a luxurious wedding collection, handmade from our finest lace, with bow and pearl embellishment and double satin ribbon. The sparkly, fairy-light enhanced movie star type of glamour where the Big Day looks red-carpet-worthy and like it was a really really great party.
My earrings were my mothers (something borrowed!) and shoes (something blue!) were by Rachel Simpson.
I doubt that the groomsmen’s 3 pound Matalan ties were UK made but we did pretty well on everything else! For flowers we went for wrist corsages so they were stuck firmly in place while the girls were partying and a rose in their hair. It gives you a nice smug feeling to know the hard work paid off and you’ve found a little gem. Andrew stayed up all night making the table plan, cutting the mounts himself and using the frame from a cheap mirror – another Matalan bargain! A get together for our closest friends in that space between Christmas and New Year and some real time together.
Aunty Paula and my Mom were up really early making the Bajan Rum Punch that we handed out for the first dance!
The antithesis of the Royal wedding, totally irreverant, relaxed, casual and her-day-her-way, Polly (and Josh!) are just as much of an inspiration.
I wore a ‘hand me down’ Aunty Pauline’s vintage sequined pearl white ‘dream girls’ dress. I noticed a pair of Art Deco diamond and rose quartz earings in the window… sooooooo pretty! She is like this sunshine of creative magic and she heated up the rollers, painted my face and I felt like a Hollywood screen goddess!!
I said a purple, lilac, mauve-ish pallet… but be comfortable and make sure it’s something you’ll wear again! All the tables 4 rows of tressels we’re laid up with mish mash china that my mom, dad & joe and I had been buying up from charity shops and car boot sales for the 6 months prior to the wedding!
At the top of the plan i will be using fabric paint to stamp our 'bird motif' onto the burlap. 2) This idea is more work for me but could turn out amazing - upholster the inside of the same frame (as above spayed cream) with cream calico and hand embroider our names and lovebird motif across the top. I am considering the idea of doing something with patchwork as I am well known for making quilts. I was considering making a small quilt in our wedding colours and then attaching card with the table names on to the quilt with dress-maker pins so that it looks a little like pattern pieces. We had the trousers cut in a little in the leg and the shirt tailored to avoid that horrible end of the night baggy schoolshirt look and put a nice contemporary edge on a classic 2 button suit. In Bloom provided the sprigs which included mistletoe and we used a winter themed rubber stamp design on manilla luggage tags. We named the tables after cherished places that meant a lot to us and wrote a little piece for each that would remind our guests why they were sat on Happy Ending or Global Gathering. The cupcakes looked great and allowed everyone to have their cake when they were ready, some taking them back to their rooms for later.

We took the hotel exclusively which meant all our guests were in the holiday spirit, settled in to their rooms and spending some real time together catching up.
The thaw had started so the roads were clear but enough snow was left to make an incredible setting.
No one sat in a corner, there was a genuine warmth between the guests, everyone happy to catch up after a long tough year. But although a match made in heaven (Royal Wedding meets Wedding Blog) it’s also somewhat of an ironic relationship… after all Kate is hardly going to be doing it her way, is she?
And a welcome break from the Regal anticipation, ready for some full on flag waving tomorrow.
So that cost only ?50.00 to be re lined and have the back cut out and a massive slit put in!!
I wasn’t sure what I wanted really but it needed to be fairy tale like and I love flowers and butterflies and sparkle… My best friend Flippy saw it and called me over, I knew it was the dress I was going to buy! A perfik full grey sequence dress I fell in love with… just too too too too too too expensive! And Pops and Joe filled the tea pots and coffee pots for the tables and made the most beautiful centre piece at the head of the top table! I don’t think you can dress people in something totally out of character and expect them to feel relaxed and happy… especially when they have such individual style… it worked, they are all stunning so I knew it would!!! Hector and Charlie together (We Heart Pictures) are just mind blowingly brilliant at capturing love, at seeing magic… We had no idea what we ‘wanted’ other than nothing formal!! The Norm and Hat had car booted coffee pots and tea pots and the babbit lent us her hord of cake stands too!! If you would like us to use these fonts then there is no need to specify font types in the options below. Then hand embroider the table names on the calico and under each table name attach a small peice of card with the handwritten names of the people at each table.
I'm letting my friend do what she likes with mine but it's only 2 weeks away so can't be too mad! Two lovely ladies who talked us through a classic, seasonal look of vendela roses (pale cream), pale coloured hellebourus, tuber rose and with brunia and small leaf eucalyptus and green cordeline foliage. Like the feel of the wedding there were nice tongue in cheek touches like the big stags head in the bar.
After a stressful day before, driving into the village and seeing the scene for the first time seeing the village for the first time the night before gave us goose bumps.
This was a wedding built on fresh air and love, not ridiculous spending and so I let the idea of ‘designer’ go… the ‘trying on’ experience was all I really needed! So after walking up the drive to meet my man, strutting in the sunshine all sparkles and smiles, to Areatha Franklin.
On the Saturday for the garden party Shabaz ‘Shabba’ Hussain ‘The Fabulous’, the best creative hair magician this side of the Mississippi!!
My Mom and Momma Brown posted us triangles and between us we pinking sheered and stitched what felt like miles and miles of it!! Josh spent the day hanging in the trees hanging lanterns I got my students to help me make at the end of term!!
On our wedding night of the 22nd, Josh produced the earings I’d seen in the window… so spoilt, so happy fresh air and love and a lot of tears… needless to say, I wore then to our garden party wedding on Saturday along with my great grandma ‘Lady T’s’ emerald and diamond necklace! I then changed into a pair of gold HAVIANA flip flops and danced and skipped till I dropped!
It was the two of them that ‘saw’ my fairy tale and from the very beginning built it with us! I was also given a load of silk flowers that my girlies twisted and weaved around a chandelier fitting and hung on of the trees! After they had finished around midnight we had a mate DJ Mike spin his 7” records… when he had beer breaks someone else produced bag of records and so it was open decks really!
The morning of my fairy tale day, I woke up to find it next to me, on the pillow with a letter from mom…. The idea was that after tea and scones, you could take your seat pad into the field to sit on while you ate your picnic! I didn’t want to look ‘different’ and so ‘coiffered’ I would be uncomfortable and Josh would be like ‘what have you done with Polly?!’ Infact he made me promise I wouldn’t do that!!

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