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Wholesale Interiors Inc.Wholesale Interiors is based in Chicago and stock over 400 different products in their 130,000 square foot facility. Cut the batting so that it is at least 6 inches wider and longer than the wooden headboard and foam.
Wrap the upholstery fabric and batting around to the back of the headboard and staple it 2 inches from the edge of the wooden headboard. Continue all of the way around the board, stapling one side and then the opposite side until the fabric and batting are securely stapled to the headboard. Before you turn the headboard over and mark where you would like to place the tufts, measure how far apart you would like them to be.

After it all, you should have yourself a fabulous DIY headboard worthy of a designer store!
Dozens of crystal lookalike buttons adorn every nook and cranny and truly glimmer with even the slightest bit of light.
Essentially, you will be working from the outside in: fabric first, batting, foam, and pegboard last.
A white faux leather queen upholstered headboard, side rails, and footboard are finished with two chrome-plated metal legs at the foot of the bed. This Malaysian-made modern bed is built with a wooden frame, which is padded with foam before being upholstered.

Seeing that this is a platform bed, only a mattress is required: wooden slats (included) serve as a box spring.
This bed, which requires assembly, is also available in black as a queen or white as a king (sold separately).

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