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I have the Craftsman, and while it is pretty handy for close-quarter cutting, it can be tricky to work with. I looked at all the saws, actually purchased the Rockwell but sent it back after seeing how it worked (it also had a defect).
This article will help you learn about scroll saw features and what you need to know in purchasing a scroll saw. If you already know which scroll saw you are interested in, I have found the best prices are consistently at Amazon and in almost all cases, include free shipping and no sales tax. Scroll saws come in two basic sizes, 16 inch and 20 inch.  This measurement refers to the distance between the back of the blade to the back of the saw arm. A 16 inch saw is adequate to cut most projects and most sawyers never need a bigger saw.  However, when you move up to a 20 inch saw, the overall quality, number of features and ultimately the ease and quality of cut improve dramatically.

In addition to saw location and height, will you sit or stand?  For anyone who has cut while standing knows that you will pay for it the next day with a sore neck and back.  A chair or stool with wheels and adjustable height would be ideal.
Regardless of how you choose to mount the saw, make sure you have enough room so your legs can wrap around the saw to have enough control to cut from various positions.
Here is a really nice video on cutting inlays and marquetry.  It’s a little long but really shows some of the things you can do with a scroll saw.
I hope these scroll saw reviews have been helpful.  I have tried to cover some basics on this post.
The Skil seems destined for heavy-duty box cutting (and cutting open f*&$ing clamshell packaging). The Skil checks in at $50, while you’ll generally pay around $100 for the Craftsman and about $120 for the Dremel. But Dremel now offers their own take on the tool, which looks like the 9-months-later result of a steamy night between the Craftsman and Skil.

Note, for example, that the Dremel spins at a whopping 17,000 RPM compared to the Craftsman’s 2,800.
Lacking the Craftsman’s huge fence and chunky guard, the Dremel still looks a lot more versatile than the Skil. Really, the Dremel’s more like a, well, Dremel rotary tool with the blade mounted sideways and a fence on it than like a circ saw.
And the Dremel is perfect for those situations you’d normally attack with your rotary tool, but for which you wish you had a fence.

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