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People of the North and Far East used birchbark to make boats and traditional houses—raw-hide tents.
Many rituals of people living in the birch distribution area are connected to the birch tree. There is an image of a World Tree as a Universal model in the perception of birch in Slavic traditions. Weeping birch, also called Navya tree (Navya in Russian mythology is a spirit of the dead), was given specific magical gifts. But still the main role of the birch tree was to be an attribute of an ancient Russian festival called Semik.
Festivities were accompanied by ritual acts with a birch that were aimed at sharing its fertile power with people. The decorated tree was carried by girls and young women around fields, groves, meadows, villages, streets and near houses. Very interesting read, though it has made me even more curious about the Birch tree and its symbolism to other cultures (even the others you mentioned) besides Russian.
Thanks for the informative article and inspiring me to go off and do some digging on my own for more information.
Here we have got parks and squares full of white birches of different types : there are bending trees , for example. The leaves of the tree are amazingly lacy , small and elegant , the tree itself filles one`s soul with everlasting happiness, love for life and joy .
Does anyone know about birch tar in pre 1970 Shalimar and what part of the tree is comes form. Become a member of this online perfume community and you will be able to add your own reviews.
I was drinking my morning cup of coffee and thought to myself how many of you know that the National tree in Russia is the White Birch? If you are reading this then you are not a bot, maybe a troll but not a auto-bot or buggy thing. This gorgeous photography is presented in the "Forest" category with the resolution of 3000 x 2250.

Our Nakhodka office is managed by Tatiana Lidinzi who is very well versed in freight and the purchasing of Russian hardwood and pine products. The Russian government is trying to encourage the manufacture of lumber for export by placing tariffs on raw logs leaving Russia.
Bétula, from Gaulish betu) belongs to the deciduary trees and shrubs of the Betulaceae family.
Symbols of Nature's fertility, of a thread between the world of the dead and the world of the living, of a temporary home for mythological characters along with general comprehension of the world and its connection to the image of the Female Deity are merged in such a model. The mythology attributed to it a connection to mermaids (according to Slavic belief, dead girls and unbaptized children became mermaids) that appeared near birch-trees on Whitsun week. Semik was celebrated on the seventh Thursday after Easter and incarnated a pagan base of Christian Whitsun day that comes on the next Sunday after Semik. For example, if a birch was destroyed in a field, it would protect this field from frost, hail and vermin. There is a small stand of trees right off my lawn in my backyard (I live in the Sierra Nevada mountains in Northern California a little ways outside of Lake Tahoe) made up of Birch and Dogwood trees. Crude birch tar is considered an irritant, and also contains polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, some of which are pollutants, carcinogens, teratrogens, etc, etc. My neighbours used to have a few birch trees right in a corner of their front garden, surrounded by some rocks, and I always had the image of a mini enchanted forest. I was familiar only with the use of birch in Russian sauna and had no idea of its importance in the culture and traditions of the region. What started as friends on the Internet per e-mails and text messages, became a dream come true for this American. We have had much experience doing business with an office in the port city of Nakhodka, Russia. The duties are expected to raise to 80% of value by next year so the future business of Russia will be lumber and Veneer logs, which is the future focus of our company. The species distribution area is the Northern hemisphere; birch is one of the most widespread woody species on the territory of Russia. But it was not only Slavic people who used birchbark for writing—there are a lot of ancient Chinese and Sanskrit birchbark manuscripts as well.

The natural traits of birch, whose leaves appear earlier than those of many other trees in Spring, generated the main image of birch as a symbol of fertility and eternal renewal. I know very little about perfumery, so don't know why it would be removed from a particular perfume.
The trees also produce a fruit and these fruit have been once used as the major food of the Incas.
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I moved to Russia nine years ago and have never, one time, in all those years, regretted that move to Russia. If you are looking for the other photos like this you have an opportunity to find unique keywords: Russian, birches, Russian birches. In fact, I have realized over the years that Russia is safe, incredibly fantastic and a wonderfully explicit country to live and travel in. Please find time for voting for the "The Russian birches" on this page if you think this one deserves your attention. Women’ accessories such as belts, ribbons, pieces of fabric, beads, as well as herbs, flowers, candies and cakes were used as adornments. It was a snowy winter, and their branches (very elastic, but still fragile) bent to the ground under heavy snow. I have been lucky in many ways and meeting a normal Russian woman whose main goal is not to leave Russia, that was a blessing in disguise, as I was the one who had to make the hard decision to leave my country. It is very close to a modem container port of Vostoschny with weekly service to Busan Korea and ports in Japan.

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