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Professional Wood Chisel Sharpener , a lightweight, easy-to-use and dependable chisel and plane blade sharpener - The 'Sharp Edge' is all those things and will sharpen any chisel or plane blade from 3mm to 85mm wide. Professional Wood Chisel Sharpener - The Sharp Edge is a simple and trouble-free way to sharpen chisels and plane blades from 3mm to 85mm wide. New for fall '11: I've added a second page of presentation backgrounds: download Powerpoint slides! Rolling out dough has never been easier than with this Ateco (August Thomsen) 15300 15" maple wood professional rolling pin!
This machine adopted advanced DSP system, operated with the handle, convenient operation, designed with more human nature. Light, robust and easily transported, the sharpener is quick to set up, and features a unique sharpening angle that can be varied from 23 to 90 degrees.The Professional Wood Chisel Sharpener aka Sharp Edge is very easy to use whether you are right or left handed. Perfect for any busy bakery, pizzeria, commercial kitchen, or catering service, this rolling pin can take the struggle out of rolling out pie crusts and allow you to roll out bread dough with ease.

Widely used in furniture processing, home decoration, woodworking decoration, wooden arts and crafts, stone carving processing etc. The machine is used for large areas single-body, end milling, 3D relief, cutting production etc.
Adopting advanced DSP system, operated with the handle, convenient operation, designed with more human nature. Unique intelligent budget principle, fully develops the potential of the motor and lead to high processing speed, the synchronization of curves and straight lines, smoother curves.
Once set up, you can, if required, achieve the exact same angle every time and it will also be square across the width of the blade, ensuring that your work is as accurate as possible. Fashioned from solid rock maple wood, this rolling pin is a stylish addition to any counter top! Should you choose to change the angle, this is easy and very quick to do.Replaceable diamond hones and an extra fine finishing diamond cloth can give a polished edge and, if needed, the Professional Wood Chisel Sharpener can also deliver a secondary micro bevel for the ultimate sharp edge.

But as anyone who works with these tools knows, they can easily become blunted through use or accidents. Sharpening chisels can be a time-consuming business and, all too often, the equipment available for the job is either heavy and inflexible or cumbersome and takes an age to set up. That's why I invested my time and energy in inventing a chisel sharpener that is lightweight, easy-to-use, adaptable and, most important of all, dependable.The Sharp Edge is all those things and more.

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