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I’ve had a bit of time in the shop this week, so I went back to work on the storage boxes that sit inside my yet-to-be-built workbench. After knocking out my dovetails, I laid out and cut the grooves for the sliding drawers I discussed in an earlier (much earlier) blog.
Glen Huey is a former managing editor of Popular Woodworking Magazine, a period furniture maker and author of numerous woodworking books, videos and magazine articles. Just as no shop doing quality woodworking will ever get completely away from hand work, we are unlikely to ever eliminate the need for layout tools.
Whether it's a solo or group project, a home-improvement undertaking or a simple piece of art, Popular Woodworking lets you into the world of woodworking crafts. While I appreciate tool reviews and tips and techniques for woodworking, what I like most in a woodworking magazine are projects which I find interesting and attractive.
This magazine has taken the lead in fine woodworking, especially in regard to its emphasis on hand tools and traditional techniques. Sign up our newsletter and get exclusive deals you will not find anywhere else straight to your inbox! Both of the circle-cutting tools work, however there are two reasons that I chose the Lie-Nielsen cutter.
Also, thanks for providing the details on the differences between your chest versus the original, very interesting. I’m sorry to say that switching cutter blades between the two radius cutters is not a possibility.
An eagle-eyed reader spotted this small benchtop that looks like the bigger Danish brother to the portable Milkman’s Workbench I wrote about in the June 2013 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine. This benchtop was made by LEVARD, a company in Denmark that still manufactures workbenches. This portable benchtop, which is for sale in an upcoming David Stanley auction, doesn’t appear to be made by LEVARD anymore. I also am not sure if it was intended to be a portable benchtop, like the Milkman’s Workbench. Chris is a contributing editor to Popular Woodworking Magazine and the publisher at Lost Art Press. I ended up buying this workbench top on Friday at the David Stanley auction, for ?35, to use as a mobile bench for shows and in my small shed workshop. I first heard about them in the late 50’s from our metalwork teacher who was Scandinavian. I to had my first woodworking experience at one of those workbenches at school, and later got my hands on one so when my son gets older, he will have a good bench to start him of, and hopefully his future passion.

You will find around 10 or 20 of those benches in the slojd room, of every danish folkeskole (grades 1-10).
Fridays are fun, but it’s Saturday at a woodworking event – such as this weekend’s Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event held at the offices of Popular Woodworking Magazine – when you can get a better glimpse into the future of woodworking.
It’s packed with tips and techniques to ensure your shop time is well spent, and its yours without risk or obligation. Give a one-year gift subscription of Popular Woodworking to a friend or family member for only $21.97. But if you are looking to veneer your own panels, or you need a stable plywood for jigs and other shop-made doodads, I suggest an nice sheet of BBP.
Myself, and a friend, watched it do all kinds of contortions with the humidity outside; it really moves around. I feel like in recent years it’s been harder to find BBP, but worth the extra hunting around.
The work they do seems pretty mundane, so we woodworkers tend to focus our attention and our expenditures on the fancy stuff. Likewise, there are two broad categories of layout tools: those used for laying out joints and those that layout shapes. Each issue of Popular Woodworking features numerous projects for the expert craftsperson and the interested beginner.
So if you want to learn how to use hand tools and also get good historical perspectives on tools and techniques, there is no finer magazine. There is an inlay-related tools that I find extremely useful that come from North of the border.
The LN cutter has two holes in each blade, whereas the Veritas blade uses a slotted opening for a center screw to pass. A couple of hundred pounds of wheelweights on the lower shelf add mass, and I am building a drawer unit.
Normally in the school that would be the 19 common tool tray that forms the back of the 19 other benches. You may see new tools on display for the first time, which tools are getting the most attention or be shown a new technique that could open doors for many woodworkers. This youngster, after his younger brother had his turn,  jumped aboard the shaving horse to give a spokeshave a go as he shaved a bit on a Windsor chair back spindle – he handled the tool like a professional. The younger of the two guys jumped on a second shaving horse and went to work without a spokeshave – he rode that horse like it was the home stretch at the Kentucky Derby. Before I had picked up a piece of Baltic birch plywood (BBP) from a local supplier, I checked my local home-center store for a usable plywood.

Also, there are no voids in the layers that could cause defects or lessen its structural integrity. The shift in focus from hand work and hand joinery to workworking machines played a part in the demotion of layout tools, as a lot of layout is now built into the fences and guides on machines.
However, there is some overlap between the two types and frequently, more than one tool is used in a single operation. As I discuss these tools, I will mention features and explain why I prefer some over others.
Easy-to-follow instructions coupled with rich photography give provide the reader with the springboard into the magic land of woodworking. If you plan to do inlay work, I am a fan of, and would highly suggest that you pick up, a Veritas Groove Cutter (05K12.13) (Shown below). Also, the LN blade does not fit over the keeper pin that Veritas uses to keep its blade from slipping. They are distinguished by their unusual tool trays, which are not usually part of the benchtop proper. It would be difficult to use this bench if clamped to a kitchen cabinet or dining table because the rear row of dog holes would be rendered useless. Dad had to provide a few pointers, but she was shaving – the spindle, that is – in no time at all. On a Lie-Nielsen cutter, the pivot point is taller and has a smaller diameter than found on the Veritas cutter. This tool is great for excavating scratched grooves that are not quite deep enough – that’s how I used the groove cutter. I’ve never much cared for end vices, so it will be fascinating to see how I get on with it. Or, if you are so anti-cord that you do not own a router, a groove cutter allows you to scratch in a straight line if you guide your cut with a straightedge. There are quite a few holes in the top, and I can’t tell if they are from a drill or worm.
The extra two layers in the BBP increase stability (less warp), provide an edge that reacts more like hardwood, and it’s my opinion that Baltic birch plywood is a more consistent thickness across the piece. Often, the basic equivalents available in a hardware store, in woodworking catelogs, or at home centers will work just fine.

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