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The Plains Indians were nomadic, so most of their structures that they could easily travel with or re-make easily. Native Americans used their structures such as tipis (also spelled teepees or tepee) for many purposes.
The weather has been peculiarly warm, I know, but the snow is still coming, as evident by the dark clouds scouts have reported as heading our direction.
Mist Pack, it displeasures me greatly to take on the burden of aphaship in such a tragic way, however it is clear to me that we must move past these horrific events. If you keep wandering through the plains eventually you will reach a deeper section of it that is home to a more diverse selection of animals.
One of these reasons was the fact that tipi can be set up and put down very rapidly which enabled the tribes to move quickly.
An earth lodge was used in the winter, to stay warm, when Native Americans didn’t travel.

The Tipi is a cone shape because that makes it very hard for the tipi to blow over in the wind because there are no place to catch the wind or water so it cannot hold any water. It takes two or three wolves to bring down prey this large,so be careful and work together. Here you will find zebras giraffes, deer, prairie dogs, bison, elk, antelope, hawks, and many other delicious animals for prey.
Wigwams where used to travel, but there where used with tribes that didn’t travel very often. But it can’t be a prefect cone because the poles would have to stick out and it would never be able to be closed fully so when it would rain or snow it would come inside.
Pups may compete in the Pup Races, Elders may compete in who has the Pup Races, Elders may compete in who has the Best Story, and all other wolves can participate in the Hunting Challanges and Fighting Tournament! Most of the time a layer of mist is over these plains so you rely more on your sense of smell and hearing then you do on your sight. The reason that tipis were invented was to follow the buffalo, since the Native American tribes depended on the buffalo for their survival.

The tipi was made out of two half circles that were sewn together they came together and looked like two ear flaps coming out but you could open and close the flaps to prevent wind, precipitation, and sun light. There are many other animals here too, but you have to keep all of your senses alert to find them.
Native Americans have a type of structure for each situation, even though they live a primitive life style. On the hides would have been native painting or pictographs that showed how the owner went on the warpath. There were also adjustable smoke flaps at the top of the tee pee so they could make a fire inside.
There would have also been a Container called parfleche, which were mad of raw hides and were painted with geometric Designs that were used as drawers or suitcases.

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