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Timbers are specifically chosen for each piece of furniture, timbers all have their own characteristics.From grain pattern and colour, to strength and durability, combining timbers can create great contrast, be it subtle or bold, showing off well executed cabinet making jointing or personalizing your peace of HB furniture. Oak has a light tan to dark brown colour with the wood structure and quality dependent upon growth conditions.A rich brown in colour, it is very hard and strong. Varying from a light greyish brown to a deep chocolate, American black walnut offers good resistance to insect and fungal attack. Custom kitchen cabinets made with solid wood maple and raised panel doors stained to a honey apple color. Custom kitchen cabinets made with solid wood maple and raised panel doors stained to dark cherry colour with free standing kitchen island.
Custom kitchen cabinets in profiled Thermo-laminated MDF exterior in Chocolate Pear colour with free standing island. Millo provides full service end-to-end kitchen and bathroom renovations using custom-manufactured cabinets and vanities to residential homes in Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto, Oakville, Burlington, Guelph, Caledon and surrounding GTA communities. Electronic boards from DGT - the full range of e-Boards from DGT using bluetooth, USB and Serial connection.
We know the UK is free delivery - but how much are the charges for deliveries outside the UK - or worldwide?
If you have a broken, discontinued or specialist toilet seat we can manufacture a replacement loo seat for you.
So if you need a new loo seat made from real solid in Standard Mahogany or Natural Pine or Maple or Antique Pine or Natural Oak or Custom Painted or Natural Walnut or White X or Light Oak or Golden Oak or Dark Oak or Wenge Oak or Limed Oak or Washed Oak or Old Oak or Cherry Maple or Dark Maple or Ebonised or Light Mahogany or Red Mahogany or Dark Mahogany or Natural Beech or Antique Beech or Dark Beech or Walnut or Ash or Black Ash or Washed Ash or Natural Zebrano or Dark Zebrano or Painted Cream or Ivory X or Painted Whisper Grey or Brown Oak or Black Oak or Dark Walnut or Grey Oak or Grey Limed Oak or Painted Old English or Painted Ivory or White XX or Painted White or your in the right place. We have hundreds of obsolete toilet seat paterns & can make a loot seat for your funny shaped tolet in a wide range of solid woods. Bard & Blackwood are the UK's largest manufacturer of unusual shaped and discontinued toilet seats and we specialise in high quality solid wood and solid coloured replacement loo seats. If you have a broken, discontinued or specialist toilet seat we can manufacture a replacement for you. Our continuously expanding range of toilet seat shapes has evolved as a result of many years of domestic manufacturers and the import of odd shaped toilets from all around the world and remember we also make regular shaped loo seats. It is suitable for high class cabinet making, possessing a good resistance to splitting and takes stain well.
While it is a very good turnery wood, it is also suitable for fine cabinet making.Steamed beech has similar uses to English white beech but owes its unusual colouring to the way it is steam dried as opposed to kiln dried.
The creamy white sapwood is not sharply defined from the heart wood, which generally has a more reddish tinge. Usually straight grained but irregular or crossed grained material can sometimes occur.Large medullary rays can give an attractive silvery grain figure when quarter sawn.
Features include diagonal upper cabinets, 5" cornice moulding to the ceiling, fridge enclosure, decorative light valance, and a free standing kitchen island with black galaxy granite countertop.
Custom kitchen features include granite kitchen counter, decorative light valance, decorative custom fan hood, wine rack above the fridge, custom window valance with LED lighting, beveled glass door, designer hardware, built-in wall oven and microwave. Features include diagonal upper cabinets with clear glass door and glass shelves, decorative 5" cornice moulding to the ceiling, fridge enclosure, built-in microwave, decorative light valance, designer hardware & white granite countertop.
Features include colour granite countertop, diagonal upper cabinets with clear glass door and glass shelves, decorative 5" cornice moulding to the ceiling, fridge enclosure, built-in microwave, decorative light valance, designer hardware, soft close doors & drawers.
We have over 100 different Chess Sets, Chess Boards and Chess Pieces - supplemented by Chess Computers, Chess Software and Chess Clocks too.
Often referred to as plain or unpainted - the finish is the generally preferred finish showing more detail in the pieces than hand decorated.

The other half of the game - chessboards in solid wood - sheesham, rosewood, bud rosewood and ebony. Highest quality fully carved dark hardwood partially carved walnut jewellery box with intricate patterns. Dark hardwood partially carved and polished walnut jewellery box with part area inlaid brass patterns. The wood used for this jewellery box is Budrose, which is also known as Bud Rosewood, or Redwood. The wood used for this jewellery box is Stripped Sheesham, a hardwood derived from sheesham, excellent and durable and used for specific furniture.
Very heavy copper and steel chess set has a King that is just over 4 inches in height and weighs a hefty 202g. The Aristotle tablet hand held QUAD CORE chess computer is the jewell in the crown of electronic chess. This very heavy brass set has a King that is just over 4 inches in height and weighs a hefty 202g. This luxury set is the pure Ebony version of the Margaret Anne, it is equally beautiful and well defined.
The Millennium chess computer uses the world chess computer champion program called Chess Genius, by Richard Lang. The lines of this grade one rosewood design is a outstanding feature Henry Moore would have been proud of.
One of the recognised designs of chess sets by John Calvert - slightly weighted as the genre demands. This is the Bud Rosewood version of the Stallion Knight, a magnificently well defined luxury chess set.
The 5 inch King version of the Chamfered base luxury set - nice perspectives, good sizing and great detail. Perfect Bud Rosewood Traditional Staunton, Triple Weighted and Felted and with double queens. This excellent flat board is a superb solid wood product with 1.6 inch squares suitable for any of our economy and mid-range chess sets. A two inch squares version of this excellent distinctive chess board in genuine and solid sheesham wood - not veneer, this is solid sheesham! Made in the rarest of woods - Bud Rosewood allows the most beautiful colours from each square, suitable for every type of chess piece colour. Excellent quality wooden Backgammon set with a very attractive tortoise shell patterned case.
The Backgammon community knows the crisp sound of vocalising the name of the famous Backgammon manufacturer - Manopoulos. The Russian grandmaster offers a wealth of his best games, presented in full with numerous illustrations. This book offers crystal clear, thorough coverage of the most important and frequently encountered endgame situations. A book covering one of a half-dozen great theoretical works in chess, shows principles of action above and beyond moves. A book covering thoroughly annotated selection of the finest games played by the best young grandmasters of the 1980s. This book covers explanations for the famous and less famous combinations of Tarrasch, Botvinnik, Nimzovich, Steinitz, Rubinstein.

GM Larry Evans gives a detailed, diagrammed, step-by-step explanation of five basic checkmates. Fun, challenging, and instructive, these fascinating chess positions will take your game to the next level. Combining beauty and practicality, the Endgame Study is one of the unique and subtle wonders of the Royal Game.
German Grandmaster Karsten Mueller combines clear discussions of tactical themes with over 600 well-chosen positions to test, challenge and teach. As most chess instructors and players know, it is much more difficult to teach and learn strategic concepts than tactics. In the sequel to 2004s popular Chess Exam and Training Guide the focus is exclusively on tactics.
When the first volume of Chess Mazes was released, it was an immediate hit with both chess instructors and students. A unique exploration of those pivotal moments in which chess games are won or lost if you know how to spot them. We supply premium, quality, luxury toilet seats in solid, real wood or we can paint your special toilet seat in any colour you want.
A very pale pink to brown coloured timber, can be darker in timber from older trees.It is very versatile, moderately hard and heavy. Another staunton work of art in pure grade one ebony, with a Knight that is outstanding, graceful, elegant and delightfully different. Another staunton work of art in pure grade one Bud Rosewood, with a Knight that is outstanding, graceful, elegant and delightfully different. Special edition pure Ebony chess set with superb balance, superb weighting and superb detail. The Warner in bone is a new design made in the finest bone and significant staunton influenced. Measures 10 inches by 6 inches when closed, and obviously 10 inches by 12 inches when opened. Measures 12 inches by 7 inches when closed, and obviously 12 inches by 14 inches when opened. Measures 14 inches by 8 inches when closed, and obviously 14 inches by 16 inches when opened.
The medullary rays appear as characteristic darker flecks in a line on the quarter sawn face. Fine brown lines marking the growth rings are apparent on longitudinal surfaces and give rise to a distinctive figure on plain sawn surfaces. A reduction of cutting angle to 20 degrees assists the finishing operation particularly when curly grain is present.
The timer can be stained, polished and glued satisfactorily, but it is hard to nail or screw, although these are held firmly. Hard maple is generally preferred for flooring and for show lasts, but soft maple is also used.
Typical uses for maple include flooring, furniture, piano actions, turnery, musical instruments, sports goods, butcher blocks, bowling alleys, dairy and laundry equipment, panelling, veneer and plywood.

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