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We stumbeled across Matrix Shenzhen's Murphy beds at the International Furniture Fair CIFF and think this is the future for space conscious living.
The height of this kind of Murphy bed is also shorter than vertical Murphy bed to allow you leave some space between the mattress and the ceiling. It can be a room with limited space that should be saved the space to still allow for walk flow or a low ceiling that makes the room look small.

Most Murphy bed usually folded vertically in order to save the space in a room, but for people with low ceiling, this won’t work at all. This is why horizontal twin Murphy bed is available in order to provide another solution for homeowners.
This will allow the people with low ceiling bedroom enjoy the function of a Murphy bed.Horizontal twin Murphy bed usually designed to be folded in the side instead of on the foot of the bed.

Not only the height, but the floor space needed for horizontal Murphy bed is shorter than the vertical one to allow you use the rest space to add other items or just let it open.Now the problem of having a low ceiling in your bedroom is no longer a problem since horizontal twin Murphy bed has provided the solution for you.

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