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A lot of people aren’t interested in learning how to make homemade dog treats because they are under the impression that it takes too long. This particular recipe uses minimal ingredients and it makes a really healthy snack for your dog. Want more easy homemade dog treat recipes, easy dog cake recipes, and ONE OF MY FAVORITES… easy peanut butter dog treat recipes? Agreed…maybe the designers at Oppo should design some to wear themselves for a day, so they can think about what they have done. Way to serious people, chill out, it is just a simple design and by the way don’t we need to laugh a bit more it wont hurt will it !!! This product is very humane, but feel a little restraint dog, love their dogs but also to care for others. Although this design looks more cute, but they limit the freedom of the dog’s breathing, will not think this is a good design should be dog lovers. I think this design is very user-friendly, it limits the dog breathing, dog lovers will not like. After checking all the review, I wonder if any one whom seems to be animal friendly has the real experience of have a dog!!!
Those of you criticizing this product: I totally agree that it is not nice to use this with the intent of terrorizing your dog, but if you need a muzzle to help your dog live a happy life, than people like SkyShroud are wrong. I think if you got one of these for fun you would have to do so based on your dog’s personality. 1 it seriously restricts the dog’s ability to pant which is the main way in which it keeps cool.
5 assuming all of the above didn’t apply why are you dressing up your dog as something other people will laugh at? This would be perfect to put on my golden to stop her from eating her poop in the back yard! All muzzles are constricting if the dog were to really try to bite, or open its mouth…. I hate muzzling my dog but he is a pit bull and here in Portugal he is considered one of the potentially dangerous dog breeds so the law demands that when he is out the muzzle must be on. First I thought these were the greatest and most humorous things around – until I read the posts from the imbeciles crying about everything under the sun. If you wish, you can also add bacon bits, bacon broth, shredded cheese, oats, liver powder, wheat germ. Pureed baby food (chicken, pork, blueberry, carrot, sweet potato, or any flavor) – 2 jars (4 oz. Batter 2 eggs together in a bowl and add in the bacon fat, milk, water and the salt, mixing well.
We have these great nutritious and wholesome recipes for your loving pets, that’ll make your pup and dog wag with glee. After all the indulgences of the Christmas holidays we are looking at how we can have a healthier diet, our dogs can benefit from this too! Making your own dog treats gives you the confidence that you know what your dog is eating and you know there are no un-necessary additives, colourings and E numbers. Sardine Cake is one of our favourite and most used recipes for dog treats, we use them a lot in our Dog Training Classes as well as when we are working with Bailey and Queg. Look out for our competition on Facebook, a chance to win a copy of a great doggy recipe book, go and like the page to keep up to date with everything ‘Dog Days‘!
It was so reassuring to know that she was with you and to know that she was being well looking after. When you make homemade biscuits for your dog, you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly what's in them. Roll the dough out on a flat surface with a rolling pin until it's about one-half to one-quarter of an inch thick. Use a cookie cutter to cut out shapes from the dough, and place them on a greased baking sheet about one inch apart. The basic recipe makes a good dog biscuit, but you can add other ingredients to enhance the flavor for your dog. Stir completely until the mixture is the consistency of thick paste, and add additional water if necessary. On a floured surface, roll the dough out with a rolling pin until it is approximately one-half of an inch thick. Place the biscuits on a greased baking sheet, and bake them until they are crisp and firm, about 45 minutes.
Dogs with a sweet tooth will enjoy these mildly sweet biscuits made with natural honey, which is a healthier choice than using refined sugar.
Bake the biscuits at 350 degrees F for approximately 45 minutes, and flip them over halfway through so they bake evenly on both sides.

Carrots and applesauce might seem like odd ingredients for a dog biscuit, but dogs really love the way these foods taste.
Stir all the ingredients together, and add a little more flour if needed to make the dough firm enough to basically hold its shape. Bake them at 325 degrees for approximately 50 minutes, and flip them halfway through the baking time to ensure even baking. Allow the biscuits to cool completely, and keep them stored in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. Dogs can eat many of the same foods that people eat, so you can improvise a bit with some of these recipes. Offering your dog treats made from one of these biscuit recipes is a great way to show him you love him.
Well, this site is full of easy homemade dog treat recipes and I’m going to share one with you right now! Peanut butter is a great ingredient to use because of the healthy oil found in peanut butter. Well, my dog’s cookie jar was empty yesterday so I whipped up a batch of homemade dog treats and recorded it! Just keep in mind, in the video I say to bake the treats for 15 minutes, but you can keep them in for another 5 minutes or so for a crispier treat.
People may think that it looks funny, but nothing less than a sadistic design ploy for the pleasure of a few at the expense of the dog’s comfort and ability to breathe.
A muzzle doesn’t fit like that and this would never work on a viscous, powerful dog, therefore just uncomfortable, unnecessary and distasteful. Dogs could catch skin disease easily in the summer and dogs will lick the wounded skin and this action prevents the skin to heal. I’ve been working with a Veterinary Behaviorist to learn to make her more comfortable around visiting strangers and overcome the problem. Dogs dont know if there wearing pink or blue, or a bow or collar, or what the muzzle looks like so please keep it to yourself. Scoop out small round pieces and line them up on a cookie sheet by slightly pressing them to flatten like biscuits.
In another bowl, mix the honey and olive oil and combine this well with the previous mixture. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. The dogs cant resist the fishy smell and a little taste goes a long way making them both economical and healthy. Mix well by hand or in a food processor, you can add some garlic or herbs for extra flavour. Place on a baking tray and press down well, cook on a medium heat for about 20 minutes until firm.
We realise that garlic can be toxic to dogs but the amount in the recipes is too small to cause a problem for any dog, even if they ate the whole batch in one go.
I usually make a big batch, cut into smaller pieces and then freeze then I can get out small pieces and use when needed. It gives owners the freedom to go out without worry & the dogs always have a blast & meet new friends!
If you prefer, you can roll the dough out in a rectangle and simply cut it into squares or rectangles. This gives them time to become nice and crisp, which makes them better for your dog's teeth. However, there are a number of food items you should definitely avoid including in your biscuit recipes because they can potentially make your dog sick.
The following dog treat recipe is a little bland so what I do is add a little with either a chicken or beef bouillon cube. Dog’s need a little fat and oil in their diet, so this a great way to provide them with it! I have this cool little app on my iPhone called Reel Director and you can record, edit and publish videos with a few taps of the screen. I used whole wheat flour but if your dog has wheat allergies you can always substitute oat flour for the wheat.
But at least include duck sound effects when the dog shakes its head desperately trying to remove it.
Normally people put a plastic wrap around the neck of the dog and to avoid the dog to lick the wounded skin while using medicine at the same time!!!
If you introduce a muzzle properly, it does not upset your dog, if it allows for panting as one of the images shows, it does not restrict breathing, and if it looks non-intimidating to humans, then they won’t react in a way that further upsets the dog. And on a final behaviour note – yes the tradition baskerville-type muzzles do sometimes keep people away but maybe they are people you don’t want approaching your nervous dog in training?

He has kindly been approaching her and patting her every day he delivers the mail for over a year. I think it makes fun from the concept of the muzzle itself and it removes its dangerous innuendo. You having bought your dog from a puppy mill (which you have done if you bought through a pet store), have done more damage to an animal than this muzzle could ever do.
Its not hurting them and dogs associate laughter with happiness and when a dog looks cute , they get attention , which that is what they live for next to food. Mould small dough balls and place them one by one on a greasy cookie sheet, while flattening with a fork. Pour in the yolks and mix again, adding the bouillon water, stirring constantly (to avoid lumps).
Also, send us your own DIY dog biscuit recipes, if you have a few interesting ones to share with our other readers. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). THey make perfect treats for clicker training as they can be cut into tiny pieces and are very soft.
I know I said that I was sharing easy dog treat recipes today, however, healthy is also part of the deal:) So, here is another one of my favorite easy to make dog treats recipes. The people who ask you for information first, or who are knowledgeable in dog communication are the ones you want to interact with.
For all the comments about how inhumane it is, if you don’t have a dog with issues you will never get it. Homemade biscuits would be a healthy alternative to serve to your dog as snacks, or as a treat to show your love and care, or when your pet does something good! Preheat your oven to 350 degrees and cook them for about 30 minutes on a lightly-greased cookie sheet.
Finally, preheat oven to 350 degrees and cook them for about 25 minutes, until balls are hard. Knead a ball of dough pouring in a spoonful of water every time, until you get a solid dough ball. Maybe the designer and manufacture were not aware of this issue but in fact this “funny” gadget do solve a real problem.
My brother’s Golden would immediately struggle to get it off and then chew it up so it would never bother her again.
This might have the completely reverse effect of bringing people in close who think the dog is just a harmless cartoon character and completely ignore any distress signals that either you or your dog may be giving, thus making your problems worse. I consulted my vet & a vicious breed trainer and they both favor a muzzle for when I take her out on her walks.
Nobody has ever thought to design a muzzle, that not only looks great, but works, allows panting, and brings smiles to people’s faces instead of disapproving glares. Leave the biscuits for a couple of hours inside the heated oven to ensure longer shelf life. My Mom’s Border Collie would probably stand immobilized with uncertainty for at least a minute before struggling out of it, and barking at it once it was off and lying on the floor. I never liked the look of people muzzling their dog and here I am today in the need of having to do so to mine. This isn’t for dogs that are wild beasts, but definitely great for occasionally aggressive dogs. Cut it into desired shapes and bake them in a preheated oven (400 degrees F), placing them on a greasy baking sheet, for about 15-20 minutes.
Transfer these into a greased cookie paper and bake inside your oven (preheated to 375 degrees F).
She needs to go out on walks for her well being and the community I live in deserves my due diligence to keep them safe. I also made a report of my dog at the LA Animal Services and the officer there also favored a muzzle and kindly said she had no prior history and was just having a bad day. I love my dog, he is small and fearful, I want him to stay alive and not be destroyed by a bigger dog that he might nip at!
I don’t want to keep my dog locked up and a muzzle seems to be the opinion of everyone I trust. She already looks fierce as her previous owner hacked of her ears and thought the duck bill would defuse the severity of having to be muzzled.

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