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I would like to receive marketing communications from Book Outlet that may include email, direct mail, or other means of individual communication (including electronic communications). We worked with Christopher Cardy, who is currently studying Performance Sportswear Design at Falmouth University, to develop the strap through numerous prototypes and testing.
These strapping straps are now available on our new range of handplanes, and you can even just buy the strap and pop it on your current hanplane or one you made yourself. Here is Korduroy’s own, Cyrus Sutton, riding his newest handplane on a fine day in San Diego.
Sometimes, nothing beats throwing a handplane into a rucksack and heading out for a walk and a swim. Come and join us for a day in the workshop to make your own wooden handplane alongside some like-minded folk.
Of course, one has to mention that all of these handplanes are made from recycled and reused material. I’ve been to several of these and make sure to bring some surf fins (wetsuit optional with the water so warm). The Paipo (pronounced pie-po), a member of the family of ancient Hawaiian surfboards like the alaia and olo, is experiencing a resurgence and finding a place back in the lineup. Over 75 stoked people attended the inaugural Paipo Stokefest, which took place on July 29, 2012 at Scripps Pier in La Jolla. On Saturday, May 5th, 2012, a gathering of fine individuals came together to play in the sun and shorebreak. This weekend is the San Diego Surf Film Festival and if you’re attending, you might want to come to this community event.
On Saturday morning (8-10 AM) the festival is hosting a beach clean-up and handplane demo at La Jolla Shores.
As a community driven event we’re inviting everyone to give a little back to the environment.

Pannikin will be providing the coffee, there will be sweet treats from Healthy Creations, and we’ll be there with some Saturday stoke. We’ll also be giving away four pairs of tickets to the film festival to the biggest trash collectors of the morning. Look for the SDSFF and H2O Trash Patrol banners and a pop up tent set up on the grass near the north end of the La Jolla Shores parking lot.
The bodysurfing demo will be in association with *enjoy handplanes with all types of handplanes to try out. Ed Lewis of Enjoy Handplanes added, “We all grew up going to the beach, jumping in the water and playing around. The second best part about Handplanes (first is how much fun they are) is that all of them are made out of recycled or sustainable material. Recent Commentstop office on Second Life Failed Because Facebook Became Our Second Lifestreaming video downloads on WhichFlicks? It can be easy to let go of your plane in bigger surf and although they float they can be tricky to locate in the white water. From the editors of Robb Report comes #RobbGear—discover the coolest stuff you can actually get. With this amazing run of surf we have been having in Southern California, it has been easy to switch up the equipment to a get different feel from time to time.
We’re lucky enough to use handplanes we’ve made ourselves and now we want to share that exciting feeling with you.
We’ll create a blank for you, with a concave running through it, and you’ll then template and cut your outline, shape the rails and oil your plane ready for your first swim.
It is amazing, the creativity and beauty they put into these little planes, with everything from DIY craft to pure artist illustrations, simple coloring and classic lines. The small, flat, wooden bellyboards have become so popular that The Paipo Society decided to create a summer gathering.

Besides having plenty of paipos to test ride (thanks to Encinitas shapers Jon Wegener of Wegener Surfboards and Christine Brailsford of Whomp), it included other prone surfing craft such as handplanes, mats, alaias, and basically anything that can be propelled by a pair of swimfins.
This week I modeled in a geek fashion show (wearing Marc Jacobs) and had my first surfing action-shot. Join us at La Jolla Shores for a beach clean up as part of the San Diego Surf Film Festival’s events!
A group of environmentalists and shapers have begun crafting the most beautiful handplanes.
I understand that Book Outlet will not sell or share my personal data with any other outside third party for the purpose of marketing communications. Being a man of many on-going art projects, I had an extra piece of rough cut western red cedar in my bedroom waiting to become a handplane. The video is a short view into what went down and some of the reasons why bodysurfing is so stoke heavy. I’m pretty excited about both because the above photo was on the Vanity Fair website and the below photo is from a fun new group of surfers starting a DIY revolution in the sport. As you can see, Cy has his newest GoPro HD camera attached to the end of the handplane for that POV surfing experience. Korduroy members have been working hard to compile some great surfing footage for our upcoming film, Stoked and Broke. This event is for everyone, from the first time garage made handplanes, to the super refined handplanes that are being sold in shops.
There will be representatives with Demo Planes from Hess, Surfcraft Co-op, Enjoy, and Brownfish, plus any and all other company’s are welcome to bring handplanes for the masses to try-out.

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