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I'm Anne & here to help you improve your health and save money by growing your own nutrient-dense food in small spaces. I use this handy guide to find out the optimal days each month to plant, propagate, prune & fertilise. Sometimes it just takes a little inspiration to make some simple but creative changes to your space.
With some thoughtful plant selection and design ideas you can create a beautiful and functional space. Stacking is a technique for maximising vertical space and simply means creating layers or tiers on which to grow. In an otherwise difficult corner, this space has been utilised by stacking plants in containers at different levels. Make the most of a tiny courtyard by stacking plants in groups from the largest at the back to the smallest at the front. If all you have is a window ledge, slimline balcony or walkway these areas can still be planted out with suitable containers or plants. Colourful ornamental & edible kale has been interplanted with flowers in this narrow trough which doubles as a feature garden. Another great example of how much edible abundance is possible in a narrow shallow planter.
If you haven’t got a window ledge wide enough for pots, add some brackets with a planter. Steps, terraces and ladders are crying out to be utilised as practical growing spaces and are a simple solution for many people. Another clever idea: This unusual planter selection takes advantage of railings up steps as hanging space. They are an ingenious way of growing edible crops that need depth like carrots and potatoes and are also perfect for dwarf fruit trees which will happily live in them for years. As they are easily removed, if your plant outgrows its bag, simply loosen it and slide your plant out and transplant into a larger bag.
Grow bags also make the perfect gift for children who are starting a garden, those moving into a retirement home and perhaps have to give up their larger garden or apartment dwellers who have no access to soil. The lettuces were harvested by the time the zucchini reached the edges of the bed so I’d had weeks of food before its leaves started to shade out the edges and it started to flower and produce.
Herb gardens can double as your backyard pharmacy in many cases as well as adding fragrance, colour, texture and flowers. Start an indoor garden (many edibles are shade tolerant or can be grown on a sunny windowsill).

Hanging baskets allow you to grow up and down depending on what plant species you choose and are an attractive, space saving solution. A slimline planter or a single pot in the middle of your outdoor table is decorative and functional. An example is Lemongrass which can be used as a border plant, cut for fragrant mulch, medicinal herb teas, as a culinary herb in the kitchen and is easily propagated to make new plants you can grow, swap or sell.
Or if you have a fruit tree in a pot and want to mulch it, consider planting an edible living ground cover such as oregano or thyme. Low maintenance herbs like thyme provide you with fresh flavour for the kitchen and fragrant flowers that attract beneficial pollinating insects straight to your tree! What are your favourite mini plant varieties to grow?  Please take a moment to share your ideas, successes and challenges with other readers here. With Christmas around the corner, if you’ve got a little extra produce or plants in your garden, why not add to a basket and give as a gift?
Other suggestions you can use are shredded paper, recycled gift wrap that doesn’t matter if it gets scrunched or pine cones – whatever you have handy! Step 2: Choose a variety of different colours and gradually add the larger vegies to the basket. Leave space at the top for the more delicate and smaller edibles and flowers that would get crushed if added too early. Step 4: Check the height and balance looks right and give ‘au naturale’ with no gift wrapping – less waste! If you haven’t got surplus edibles, make a simple herb posy.  Grab a paper doily, cut a cross in the centre with scissors and poke a bunch of mixed fresh herbs in the centre and tie with some string or curling ribbon.
Gardens for Kids – Design Ideas & Themes Inspirational Themed Gardens offer children a wide range of learning experiences. Creative Ideas for Portable Gardens Mobile gardens - there's a solution for just about everybody's needs. Enjoy your time with your own family (including all the animals!!) Plenty more to come … on lots of topics from How to projects to Soil and more ways to frugal garden.
Hey, thanks for linking to my blog… would you mind terribly fixing the misspelling of my name? It's laminated, easy to use, works all over the world + the bonus mini companion planting chart makes it a practical gift. If you have limited room to grow as many of us do in urban areas, maximising the area you can garden in and wise plant selection are top priorities. Repetition of pot colour also brings unity to this space and positioning pots in one corner still allows room for a chair, table and pathway.

Steps are engineered to be structurally strong so can take heavier weights such as fruit trees in pots, feature plants and large containers.
This tiered A-frame concept could be scaled down for a tiny space with even a small step ladder.
When I planted it out about 3 months ago, I chose a variety of edible plants that would mature at different times.
The flowers (alyssum & calendula) also attracted pollinators so by the time the zucchini and capsicums were flowering, they had lots of helpful visitors to set fruit! In this micro garden you can see a variety of chives, shallots and bulb onions all harvested from a tiny space.
Dwarf bush beans that produce high yields instead of climbing varieties; Dwarf blue curled kale, Coles early dwarf broad beans, Fino Verde or Spicy Globe basil are just a few but there are loads to choose from.
Some simple ideas are fragrant herb cuttings, a packet of seeds or a plant you’ve propagated.
This will fill the space so you have a flexible surface to add the vegies, herbs or flowers and they will sit nicely when finished. If you don’t want to miss future posts, subscribe to my newsletter at the top of the page (and grab your free eBook) or click on the RSS feed below or to the right.
My daughters are getting a huge basket of gourmet treats from their interstate brother, but I would much rather get something like your basket that would have immediate use and that would feed your body as well as your eyes. No room for a raised no-dig garden bed and need an alternative?  Portable natural fabric bags are one of the easiest solutions for lots of issues. I have had such success with growing salad greens in foam boxes on my front veranda that I decided I would plant some extra’s and give them away as Chrismas presents to people I knew would appreciate home grown organic salad mix.
Not only do they look good and come in a variety of colours, but with handles they are easily moved around to suit your situation. The trouble is that more and more people keep hinting they wouldn’t mind one and my local fruit shop is getting a bit fed up with me asking for more boxes. I hope that you and your family have a wonderful time and we will be keeping a keen eye on our email inbox for each and every edition of your informative and most interesting newsletters.

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