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JBushman writes: I like the idea of setting it up with a bunch of "rejected" pulp fiction on the floor.
I am curious to know how the thing keeps from tipping over if all of the books are removed. I'm not sure what you mean by "pure art," but I suspect that you have in mind that furniture must be functional and that this bookcase isn't functional.
As I continuously explain to the texting generation, we used to read communications that were not limited to 160 (or fewer) characters, and could actually convey complex ideas. Then again, I saw one of their friends' most recent acquisition: a long-board (skateboard) that was made of joined mahogany, walnut, wenge and maple. Cocopuffed, no offense taken, I was trying to make it look like it was puking when I was making it.
This end table is made of Oregon Black Walnut and the pattern is made with a radial 6 pie book match pattern.
Table is solid Bubinga with 'tuxedo' inlay of Wenge on one edge along of the leg and leg tips. Made of Oregon black walnut with through dovetails, English elm burl is used for the door fronts, and handmade ebony pulls.
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I've seen a bench with two tail vises - both at the same end, one at the front, one at the right. I had a bench with a tail vise for ten years, and am putting the finishing touches on a new bench that has a full width end vise. The difference between the two styles of vise, in MY shop, is that I know I'll use the Record. It sounds too simple but if Klausz says this is the best for hand tool cabinet making that is good enough for me.
Has anyone noticed that one can cut and paste in the middle of the subject field above and not have it jump to the left end of the line of text? Love the 1980s styling with what seems to be a fading piece of furniture as well as making a statement. Perhaps you are even thinking that furniture should only be functional (that is, it can't make philosophic, political, or any other type of statement). But let me point out that this bookshelf is actually holding books, and could easily be used as a bookshelf in a house. End vises (with dogs) seem to provide the same functionality, and with greater versatility. When holding a piece for planing between the dogs, you don't want much pressure because too much will distort the wood.

When designing this piece I really wanted to add carvings to this piece of furniture without making it to busy. Not only would I get to store some books, but I would also get to express a particular position on the decline of the printed (on paper) word. The faces of the tail vise are incredibly useful and allow all kinds of work that's difficult with a shoulder vise or a normal bench vise.
Gaines said the doweled joint where the arches meet was the most difficult part of the construction.
As Samson mentioned, the ability to hold work close to the edge of the bench is pretty critical for all kinds of things. The table is made of bubinga and shop-sawn curly bubinga veneer and is finished with an oil-varnish mix.

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