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Some of you may have seen on Instagram a few weekends ago when we were browsing the local flea market that we picked up an old toboggan.
I was on the hunt that day for something that could work as a bench at the foot of our bed in the master bedroom. With a few days work, we have exactly what I was hoping for … a gorgeous foot of the bed bench!
Our initial plan was to go for an industrial look using pipe fittings, but I was shocked at how expensive those are! We let the oil dry on the toboggan for another day in the garage and then brought it up to the bedroom where it fit PERFECTLY! This entry was posted in Blog, DIY, Lifestyle and tagged DIY, home decor on April 10, 2014 by Kristin Mansky. We have one of these toboggans that we use in winter at our cabin in the mountains, I would hate to goof it up permanently, buuut with a little modification this will be great way to store it for the rest of the year.
NFL unveils the plans for eight lane 180 foot tenacious fifty-eight foundation high toboggan turn toboggan plans tail that buttocks hold 1 000 riders an 60 minutes photo and concert areas.
The traditional wooden toboggan built from toilsome wood performs substantially and looks It weighs little and when a square grained.

So… we had this console table at home with a minor leg fracture that would work perfect once the legs got hacked off a few inches. We took off the legs (attached by simple bolts) and ran over to The Home Depot where they cut them down for us at no charge! I’m wondering if you could affix it to some legs in a temporary manner that would allow you to take it off and use it again for sledding and vice versa! I am trying to get new ideas to decorate and something different like the toboggan to furnish my new apt.
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