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As I write this, Charles has three major pieces ready to finish, a Bombe Chest on Chest, a Slant Front Desk with Secretary and a very modern Console piece made of exotic wood. We will be adding videos as the class progresses and when the need arises such as new product, equipment available or technique. Finishes took front stage in Episode 05 as Tommy and renown master finisher Charles Neil demo a handful of finish options on a few simple shaker night stands. After giving the surface a good sanding, Charles wipes water on the surface to act as blotch control.
Since milk paint is made with casein (and ingredient in milk), it has does have a shelf life.

Tip 1: Rather than waiting for the second coat to dry to then sand back, take a damp sponge and wipe it off to a desired look before it dries. Be sure to check out the full episode for a closer look at how Charles works his finishing magic, and check out his website for more information. He also had a chance to hang with Scott Phillips from The American Woodshop and Charles Neil. We will film while he finishes these pieces so you get the 'whole' picture from start to finish. By layering two different colors and sanding through the top Charles and Tommy achieved that popular distressed look on the night stand.

Most importantly, Tommy met and chatted with more than a few young woodworkers, encouraging them in their woodworking pursuits and passion. He offered some basic guidelines for surface prep, adding oil finishes and using milk paints, and snuck in a few professional tips to boot. As our friend Frank Byers over at Woodcraft tells, Tommy demonstrated chisel sharpening and fielded questions on project building from the numerous onlookers.

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