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Artist Ariele Alasko made a name for herself by creating geometric art and furniture, with designs highlighted by different stains and finishes of wood. Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
So, I have finally managed to equip myself with three main tools all made by craftsmen here in the British Isles.
I have had an interesting few weeks travelling to events and shows and have met up with friends old and new. If all goes well one of the stallions will be transported over to Germany to add some new blood to the stock out there. Hameldown is a long ridge that stands above the small village of Widecombe at a hight of  532 m. Along the ridge you can find three good sized burial mounds, Broad Burrow, Two Burrows and Single Burrow. I have run out of char cloth, so Haily and I decided to rip up a pair of old Levi jeans and make some more. A sealable tin with a small hole punched in the lid, some plugs to seal the hole with, leather gloves, flint and steel to test the resultant char cloth and a pair of pliers so I can handle the hot tin.

However, the tin on the right started to flame out, the seal was poor, air was entering the tin and we believed the cloth would be burned rather than charred. As usual, when the smoke had stopped and petered out, I removed both tins from the fire and pegged the holes to keep the air out and suffocate any further combustion.
The char cloth was still warm to the touch, so I put it next to me on the wooden floor to cool whilst we had a look at the other (normal) tin. Whilst I was popping the lid off, Haily pointed out that the first roll, the one sat on the wooden floor, had ignited. I quickly put the roll back in the tin with a peg in the hole to stop any further combustion.
It seems that even though the roll was only warm to the touch on the outside, it must have been Harry Redders (RED HOT) in the middle. The fire is lit and the Chef can get down to the business of cooking a chicken curry for seven hungry campers. That night our first Autumn storm arrived, the following day was dark, windy and very very wet.
Kevin Endicott had supplied a very big Swedish tarp for the camp, we put it up over the fire and cooked breakfast.

A few days later Haily and I thought the Chanterelle may have made an appearance, so we went to have a rummage about. Sarah, Haily and I will be living off Chanterell, bread and eggs for the next couple of days I think.
And I am pleased to say that Nic Westermanns Axe and hook knife combination suits me down to the ground.
I have now reached a happy place where my three main edge tools are supplied by craftsmen here in the British Isles. I find spoon carving gives me a greater understanding of these tools as I can demonstrate a precision of craft in the finished spoon. I have developed my own spoon carving knife 'The MaChris' which is made by 'Chris Grant' a fantastically talented bladesmith.

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