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Ich habe mich fur eine Midi Version des Button- Down- Rocks (von &other stories) entschieden, der leider immer noch sein Dasein im Schrank fristet. Die von Tophop gefallen mir sehr, aber auch eine Midi Version ohne Knopfe von Zara (nicht in deiner Sammlung) reizt mich. Primer & lacquer was launched by Ariane Stippa in 2011 with the focus on telling beauty stories, showing backstage scenes and beauty routines. You can create a new car with painting your 2015 Model Mazda Mx5 high quality, eye-catching model that would be competitive on way. Mazda's model or year, every shade of automotive touch up paint we ship is precision formulated to deliver a Gimco color match.
So to start off it's no secret that Tamiya Surface Primer (Grey) is the best primer out there.
I only use the Vallejo Primers now - but we are doing hard and fast stuff, not really fancy models like you mate.
I have used lots of different primers in cans and otherwise and was very pleasantly surprised. I am interested that you haven't heard good things about it, its flogged pretty much anywhere someone suggests an airbrush primer. That Tamiya surface primer is just the best stuff.I have used vallejo grey surface primer without any dramas. Aim for 1-2 very light coats, instead of trying to cover the whole surface in one go.I think you were exactly right, it was a show mini and I really wanted a perfect smooth coat, which was probably my undoing.

The uniform colour brings everything together and you can get a better feel for how the part is looking.2. The kind of adhesion required on a master part is like I described above, so that it can be sanded to correct any flaws without the primer-part boundary being noticeable.
DuPoint is another universal primer (its both automotive and marine) that you could look at. Got any specific recommendation?I'm going to do another test with the Tamiya stuff this morning. So I'm broken out a sheet of old styrene and begun spraying test strips of primer on it. I used it painting model cars and it was perfect, but for miniatures I might stick to Vallejo, the self levelling nature just seals the deal as it doesn't pool and as it is brush on or air brush you can get it into all the nooks and crannies of the mini. Mittlerweile ist schon der dritteĀ Jeansrock innerhalb der letzten zwei Monate in meine Garderobe eingezogen und ich uberlege tatsachlich, ob ich mir noch ein Latzkleidchen zulegen sollĀ oder das doch lieber ein paar jungeren Ladies uberlasse. Maybe duck to your nearest panel beater and ask the painter what they use?Fair ideas, but ultimately a lot of work and research for something so simple. I don think you can go far wrong between citadel spray primers and Tamiya if you don't have an airbrush. I usually use the spray can, but It can be purchased with it's appropriate thinner in tins for spray guns. This then required too many coats to get the opacity I wanted and I didn't allow any curing between coats.

Also depending on your airbrush set up you might need to look at an inline water trap or an additional water trap, as you could be getting some condensation through the tube.Also good advice.
More importantly though, I've always found the Mr Surfacer to be inferior to the Tamiya Surface Primer. Maybe duck to your nearest panel beater and ask the painter what they use?Other than that, try checking the humidity, it has been warm and fairly humid recently, the tackiness could come from any trapped water. It applies a much smoother coat than the airbrushed mixtures, however admittedly that is likely due to the high flow rate.
I did some research and it was recommended to try Tamiya Liquid Surface Primer (grey) with Tamiya Lacquer Thinners (yellow lid): So I picked up a bottle of each, mixed up what seemed like a nice ratio and then sprayed it on. Not to mention how wasteful the rattle can is - you end up with more paint in the air then on the part, especially when spraying small parts. It sprayed beautifully! It took quite a few coats to get the grey to be opaque (I suspect I may have thinned it slightly too much) but it seemed to go on smoothly and was dry to touch soon after.

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