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The small collector of the colonial furniture, period furniture may find entertainment in the collection of Heppelwhite period furniture.
In the Woodwork Section of the Victoria and Albert Museum there hangs a recently acquired portrait of a member of the Seddon family. We can make and design all the furniture mentioned on this page and we will ship it anywhere in the world. And, how many of these maple dressers with the Chippendale handles have been manufactured in the last 60 years? Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. There are so many things to look for apart from chairs, tables, sideboards, bookcases, dressing- chests and tall-boys.

Many Chippendale designs of if actually within the range of workshop politics, as the great Thomas Chippendale asserted, were apparently too expensive or too elaborate to attract the average buyer.
The authorities suggest, tentatively, that it represents George Seddon, the founder of an important firm of eighteenth-century furniture makers.
In many of the smaller desks of the period the action of pulling out or closing back the writing- slide opens or closes the tambour top.
The one is noticeable for its elaborate cresting and reeded-turnery posts and cross-rail; the other is of simple typea€”and true to type. Any piece of Heppelwhite furniture which attains to the qualities shown in the Heppelwhite boolc naturally possesses an appreciating value. The simple unrecorded pieces are to-day well within the range of the small collector, who will find on the whole that such survivals quite fulfil the laudable aspirations of A.

A design book naturally shows the elaborate form, whilst the carrying out by the artificer is quite another matter.
This stand was undoubtedly intended as a fitting companion to a bow-fronted dressing-chest.

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