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Average Youtube Publishing Coordinator salaries for job postings in Brooklyn, NY are 36% higher than average Youtube Publishing Coordinator salaries for job postings nationwide. The 26-year-old is best known to 12 million-plus subscribers across three different YouTube channels, but he’s about to make a name for himself in film and TV, too. There is no doubt a new generation of talent who create their own content on YouTube, Vine, Instagram and other platforms are becoming household names among young consumers online.
And just because someone is famous on YouTube doesn’t mean they can succeed in another sphere, even when that is what they want. Another YouTube property that’s jumped the media divide is Epic Meal Time, currently with 6.4 million subscribers. YouTube isn’t the only place where digital stars are finding footholds in mainstream entertainment. YouTube has promoted its star creatives in national marketing campaigns on TV and other media, aimed at raising awareness on Madison Avenue that the site has popular content that reaches a wide audience. YouTube execs quietly have reached out to Hollywood producers to potentially play matchmaker with some of the top-tier talent on the video site, and may selectively invest in original programming, according to sources familiar with the strategy. The initiative may be partly in response to YouTubers who have grown to fame on the site — and then launched bigger projects off the site. The money digital stars earn doesn’t come solely from YouTube, which is the only one of the online platforms that pays talent anything. Phan, who has a deal with Endemol Beyond USA to develop her primary YouTube channel, a fashion-related MCN and other video properties, sells her own line of makeup in partnership with L’Oreal. It’s definitely a full-time job and then some, according to Anthony Padilla, half of the two-man YouTube comedy team Smosh (18.3 million subscribers) with his childhood friend Ian Hecox.

A thick skin is also essential, said Ray William Johnson, who rose to Internet fame with his long-running YouTube series “Equals Three,” a shortform program that riffs on trending topics, which he launched in 2009. Arguably, traditional stars like Jimmy Kimmel and Ellen DeGeneres qualify as YouTube stars given the tremendous followings they’ve amassed on the platform, according to Kyncl. In the same way the Nielsen underestimates television viewing, I think YouTube overestimates.
Though YouTube remains the dominant video-sharing platform, Facebook keeps catching up; the social media powerhouse is on track to soon deliver nearly as many views as YouTube. YouTube is still the clear leader in video sharing, on track to deliver 3 trillion video views this year.
Facebook reached a daily 4 billion video views by the end of Q1, making the social media giant YouTube's most formidable competitor, according to an April earnings call. Over the last year, Facebook has introduced YouTube-like features, such as view counts and the ranking prioritization of videos uploaded directly to the platform rather than those embedded from third-parties. Before joining the ClickZ team, Mike O'Brien was a reporter for newspapers in Brooklyn and Eugene, Oregon, where he earned a Master's degree in journalism from the University of Oregon. According to YouTube, several thousand channel partners earn six-figure incomes through the vidsite.
Look no further than Rebecca Black, the Southern California teen who vaulted to instant fame with her viral YouTube musicvideo “Friday” — much of the traffic driven by people mocking her — then faded back into obscurity.
Lucas Cruikshank began making “Fred” videos on YouTube, starring as a whiny teen with a high-pitched voice in 2008, when he was 13. Various strings may be attached to the funding, including exclusive windowing on YouTube or a share of revenue for content distributed off the site.

The retail giant is running an online ad campaign this summer aimed at college-bound kids, with branded videos on Target’s YouTube channel from creators including Todrick Hall, Ann Le and Tiffany Garcia.
Also in the music space, DWA’s AwesomenessTV, together with music-biz impresarios Russell Simmons and Steve Rifkind, cut a deal with Universal Music Group to form Awesomeness Music, a label focused on YouTube talent.
Even after YouTube splashed her face on TV and billboards, Phan said she still doesn’t think she’s become mainstream. AOL in July launched “Follow Me,” a 10-episode series documenting the lives of digital creators — mostly culled from YouTube. This March, he announced he was retiring from the show, and relaunched it with a new host, Robby Motz, a 20-year-old theater student who’d never been on YouTube — until now.
In YouTube's favor, Facebook runs its ads after the content, rather than before, and also charges advertisers for a video view after just three seconds. However, YouTube remains one step ahead; last month, the video giant introduced shoppable TrueView Ads, which links to products alongside or within video ads. But it’s YouTube that is easily the biggest platform that’s been fueling the ascent of digital stars. But the biggest Internet icons — whether they’re on YouTube, Twitter, Vine or another social network — have a host of other ways to monetize their large fan followings. The Google subsidiary has a first-mover advantage, according to Robert Kyncl, YouTube’s global head of content.

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