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Develop a job search strategy by identifying how you will conduct your search using various methods, including online job listings, recruiters, career fairs, and by building relationships through your networks.
Since there are many components to a job search, identifying and measuring realistic milestones are very important to maintain your self-confidence and positive attitude during the long process. Get up earlier each day, so you can review your milestones and assess your progress and challenges.
Anytime you are searching for a new job, it will be time consuming, stressful and often a soul-searching experience.
Finding a new job usually involves a great deal of research, networking, perseverance and creative thinking. This is a new job, therefore; you will need to learn from the career management experts what it will take for you to be successful. It is important to your self-esteem to dress as if you were going to work; after all you are going to work: finding a job! You might think it is easier to look for a new job while you have a job, since a potential employer might find you to be a more attractive candidate. Think about what you want in your next position that you are not getting in your current role.

Check the online advertised job listings for openings at companies where you might have a connection. Having a detailed, structured daily schedule will be vital to accomplishing your goal of happy employment. While we publish a huge range of job listings, we've selected some of the top social media job opportunities from the past two weeks to get you started. But, the real secret to landing that next job is to be organized and methodical in your job (re)search. Don't wear sweats or jeans because you never know who you might see, and you want to be able to present yourself with confidence. Developing a structured job search plan will keep you focused and motivated, helping you achieve your targeted goal of finding a new job while you are either employed or unemployed. Go to your "office," the designated space at home just for you or office space at another venue, and use it daily to keep your day structured.
Make sure that your references are informed that you are on the job hunt and ready to provide updated stellar reviews or you and your work. Below are structured plans for both types of job seekers to implement into your job search.

It is also important to keep your family informed, as it will affect your obligations and schedule for a period of time.
Register to attend professional association meetings to learn more about what other people are doing and to assess your marketability. Review your milestones each morning and evaluate what you are doing well and where you need to increase activity. It is stressful balancing looking for a new job while also working at your existing job, therefore, know that you are fortunate to currently have a job and that you will eventually find a new position.
Bear in mind, the activity that will bring you closer to reaching your targeted date of employment is having three to five face-to-face informational meetings each week.
Remember, the activity that will bring you closer to starting the first day at your new job is having between three to five face-to-face, informational meetings each week.

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