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Style Nine to Five is a fashion job website that connects fashion industry employers and job seekers with the largest listing of fashion jobs in Canada, including a pre-screened resume database and expert advice columns.Style Nine to Five contains the latest and most extensive listing of fashion jobs in Canada which attracts top employers and fashion industry job seekers alike. For the longest time, taking up yoga has been on my list of new experiments for as long as I can remember. The philosophy behind Nyood Yoga is all about breaking down the boundaries and supporting reinvention of individuals from the inside out.

I tried doing it myself by buying a few try-at-home books but, of course, that turned into a total disaster when I dozed off doing the corpse pose as my first of many yoga positions – bad move! Finally, I came across Nyood Yoga, a wonderful studio near Yonge and Wellesley run by co-founder, nutritionist and natural health writer, Gillian Brown.

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