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Cnn ranks yoga instructor top 100 careers ‘big, If you think yoga teacher is a dream job, you might want to keep your day job. Fitness trainers instructors : occupational outlook, Fitness trainers and instructors held about 267,000 jobs in 2012. Prev123456789101112131415NEXT »Some of these crazy yoga positions seem to defy gravity and definitely push the boundaries of what the human body should be possible of doing. The practice of yoga reestablishes total connection between body and mind, the connection which every child is born with, our birthright. To achieve this linking together, yoga employs a number of very powerful tools: physical practice, breathing techniques (pranayama), work with sound (mantra), ritual hand and body gestures (mudra) and meditation. Kundalini Yoga balances the glandular system, strengthens the nervous system, and enhances creative potential.
Karma Yoga is the path of selfless action and selfless service in which the Ego is given up to the desire to serve God in every thing and every action. The current boom in corporate yoga can be traced back 25 years to when companies began adopting wellness programs to lower health care costs, explains Edie Weiner, president of Weiner, Edrich, Brown, Inc., a New York-based trend analysis firm. According to researchers from the Stress Reduction Clinic at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center in Worcester, yoga in conjunction with meditation can indeed relieve stress and improve work performance.

The clinic delivers meditation and yoga-based classes to clients ranging from judges and correctional staff to the Chicago Bulls, and offers a five-day retreat for CEOs in the Arizona desert.
This attitude seems more and more common among human resources executives, who previously doubted the power of yoga and other mind-body exercise forms. At HBO in New York, employee health and fitness director Bill Boyle can’t keep pace with the demand for yoga classes. It’s not just large corporations with deep pockets like HBO that are bringing yoga into the workplace. Christine Owens, a 45-year-old visual effects coordinator at George Lucas’s Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) in San Rafael, California, is responsible for initiating and organizing a lunch-hour yoga class that meets three times a week.
Employee demands for more balanced lives have been the focus of yoga teacher Jean Marie Hays’s work for the last four years. It took her about 13 years to realize what the missing piece was, and when she did, she left her work and started a company that brings yoga into the workplace. Students who do yoga at the workplace often move swiftly in and out of a class scheduled between meetings and work commitments. Nancy Wolfson, who writes frequently on fitness, health, and style, has studied hatha yoga for 19 years.
Roll out the sore spots and recover quicker from your practice with one of these yoga essentials.

Karma Yoga is the Yoga of action which purifies the heart and prepares the Antahkarana (the heart and the mind) for the reception of Divine Light or attainment if Knowledge of the Self. While ILM offers aerobics classes at no cost to employees, there is a five-dollar charge for the yoga class, despite high interest and attendance. Before becoming a yoga instructor in the San Francisco Bay Area, she worked as an occupational health and safety engineer, helping private companies set themselves up as government-approved healthy workplaces.
Since 1995, she and her partner, Debra McKnight Higgins, have worked with more than 50 California companies, teaching yoga and stress management. These and scores more Fortune 500 companies consider yoga important enough to offer classes as a regular employee benefit.
He also sets up yoga programs for executives at Ritz-Carlton and Loews Hotels, and teaches yoga to doctors at the UCLA Medical School. Due to her busy schedule, Sinski is convinced that had yoga not been offered in the office at lunch hour, she never would have found it.
Companies are finding that yoga not only helps employees be more productive, it also creates a kinder, gentler workplace.

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