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When baby came around, I was the one who wanted to stay home, and he faced slaving away at a thankless job. And there are men (my brother, my friend’s husband, my uncle) who prefer to be home rather than working fulltime, who prefer the role of fulltime parent and the freedom of being stay at home dads to persue their other interests and no one says they are giving up on the dream or letting all men down. When people ask me what I want to do with my PhD (as long as they aren’t my department head, for example), I tell them I want to be a really smart mommy.
Absolutely we have to understand the constraints people are working with within this system we’ve got. Also, I have a lot of respect for less risk averse women who want to stay home and make it work. I think choosing for one parent to stay at home involves a lot of discusses and choices and the financial aspect is a big part of the picture.
You can’t replace the steps up the income ladder, but you can make decisions that ensure in the event of a death or divorce both partners are cared for.
My aunt and ex-uncle were married for nearly 30 years when they divorced because he cheated on her after moving her to a different state. I mean, I get that women who choose to stay home with kids are judged more unfairly than women who choose to climb the corporate ladder. Basically, while I totally agree that women who choose to stay home with kids deserve more respect, sometimes I feel sad that it seems like that’s the only way out of the corporate world, and the only two options are reckless ambition or reproduction. Working from home can be a great way to enhance your family budget without having to make a huge lifestyle adjustment. Working Mom 3.0 is reinventing the definition of "working mom," as office hours are held at home and revolve around nap times. Just like Susan and Nadine, despite the challenges -- and with a little creative ingenuity -- many moms are making a valuable contribution to household expenses with WAH (work at home) positions. Before we get started taking a peek at legitimate WAHM jobs, one word of warning about work at home scams.
You probably won't get rich stuffing envelopes or posting ads to online forums, but there are some real work at home jobs that can be lucrative and fun. Craigslist: Be wary and wise, but you can find positions close to home -- or almost anywhere. This site also has a blog tab for great training to show you how to get your Business started!
I can’t even tell you the last time I got my nails done, took a real lunch break or went out for happy hour with co-workers.

In 2013, she was named a Talent Warrior by Glassdoor for social recruiting leadership and innovation. I am paying the bills now so that FH can finish up his degree and hop on out in the working world. And I think I’m a perfectly fine feminist for having that ambition, because I had the choice for what I wanted to do and I made the best choice for me. We do not have kids yet, but my husband and I have started to talk about it and me staying at home with baby is definitely an opportunity we will be seeking for. For example I would insist on equal funding of retirement accounts in each of our names, regardless of who was and wasn’t working. For most of their marriage, she was a stay-at-home mother to my 4 cousins and only finished her college degree when her middle 2 children were teenagers. But for me, the most judged group of all is that third group of stay at home women who are NOT moms and who don’t want to be. You can still be there to pick up your kids from school or stay home with your little ones. Stuffing envelopes or assembling birdhouses from home is unlikely to be a viable source of income. As hard as it may seem, keeping a routine and office hours are important to successfully working from home.
She has a passion for all things employer branding and social recruiting, and more than 15 years of recruitment industry experience.
Women who find value in being in their own homes for a significant portion of the day, however that plays out.
I know that there are men who consciously make feminist choices for themselves and with partners regarding their families, and they are awesome and take a lot of the shit that women do (like the post last week about a guy changing his name- on the front lines, that guy).
If I want to stay home and raise my 9 children to be global citizens and damn fine human beings that is also EQUALLY fine. The individual choice to do it is still an individual choice in all sorts of important ways and has to be made as if it is (not a recipe for a good life to try to make your own decisions for the sake of, like, All Womankind), but given that there is a culture influencing this and that the aggregation of those choices is something that continues to affect the power women do or don’t have in our society, its causes and effects are not fully individual. I am going to keep working because I am risk averse and I want to be able to have some real control over my financial future. The internet is ripe with scams preying on people who are looking to make an easy buck from home.
Today, I am a work-at-home mom (WAHM) of two beautiful, energetic daughters (ages five and one), who is also fortunate to be employed, full-time, by a major U.S.

You may feel underappreciated (at home or work) and wonder if you’re making all the right choices.
I’ve found that a little Zumba or a trip to Target (sans kids) can do wonders for the mind and body! Like you, I sometimes feel jealous of my husband and my kids who leave home and return with enthusiasm. My husband and I thought about who was having an easier time finding lucrative work, who had aspirations outside of a just-bill-paying job, and who wanted to be home. Read on for some of the best jobs you can do while never having to get out of your footie pajamas. Neither of these kinds of women is less valuable or weaker than others, nor should they apologize for the form their contribution to society takes.
Staying home to be with my kid has been akin to any of the other decisions made in my marriage. For guys who go the traditional route, they don’t seem to get any kickback from the world. But in reality, the vast majority of part-time jobs are terrible jobs to have, and most high-powered professional jobs are all or nothing. There are other women (like me), though, for whom staying at home only better serves to reach those dreams. I have seen many asking for legitimate opportunities and in my search I have found many that are. So this week, in addition to your regularly scheduled wedding content, we’ve asked a few familiar faces to join in a conversations about parenthood as it pertains to home and work.
Today we start with our own Liz, as she navigates working from home while also taking care of a kiddo during the day. This week we’ll also hear from Meg on the wonders of daycare, as well as longtime reader Brandi on her experiences as a stay at home parent.

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