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I have looked for work each week, but did not always follow through with an application or any kind of contact that could be verified.
Yes, the Unemployment folks are allowed to audit your work search logs to verify your eligibility for benefits that you claimed. The benefits you are eligible to receive each week are based on the contingency that you were able to work that week, and that you actively sought employment that week. I have provided the relevant guidelines below: Each week that you file for benefits you must look for work and keep a list of all your work search contacts. I am definitely guilty of not keeping a work log, but I DO NOT in any way believe I am guilty of unemployment fraud. If you were you would understand that it does not affect ones ability to engage in stimulating work, but it does affect ones ability to complete mundane tasks such as keeping logs.

If you do not look for work, apply for work, or accept suitable work, you may not be eligible to receive benefits. My psychiatrist, as well as myself, believe that my mental health issues have directly affected my ability to find work, and obviously to keep and maintain a work log for my employment searches.
I have a consistent and stable work history, and my recent unemployment was due to a company wide reduction of work force, and no fault of my own. I am assuming this appointment is an audit, and that at that time they will want to see my logs concerning my search for employment. The Department will randomly check your work search activities and ask for a copy of your work search list. I hope at the very least the response is more intelligent than the ones I have received here, but then again we are talking about government workers.

Obviously I understand that the 'system' does not work this way, and that my sense of entitlement will get me no where, but it is frustrating to be put under a microscope when my only fault is not keeping good records while going through a very emotional and stressful situation. If you do not provide your work search when asked, or if an employer disputes that you applied, you may not be eligible to receive benefits. I merely suggested that my circumstances and mental health issues may provide a legitimate and explainable reason as to why I did not properly document my search for work.
Furthermore, your statements do not take into account the millions of people that abuse the system collecting disability benefits when they are perfectly capable of working, which MY tax dollars DID pay for.

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