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So far this probably sounds like one of those e-mails you always delete advertising one of these so-called online businesses.
No matter what your expertise is: writing, coding, painting, or contorting your body into odd shapes, there are websites out there designed to help you find jobs in that field that let you work at home.
Online communities like Myspace or Friendster can be excellent tools to help you get your product onto the Internet market. No matter which online work at home opportunity you choose, make sure that you think about it. Books have been written about how to make money on e-bay or other auction sites, and for some this might be a viable home business. I’m not trying to sell you anything or even suggesting a specific online business that lets you work at home.

Some post job opportunities and allow members to bid on them while others post jobs and have respondents contact the clients directly. With affiliate marketing, you put a link to someone else’s site somewhere online, and the linked site pays you per click or a commission on every sale or registration.
So if you’re trying to sell that CD or those photographs, join several of these online communities and market to the other members. If you have the motivation and some extra time, you can start own work-at-home online business.
Well, sell your photographs or struggling demo CD or those personalized dream-catchers online. The people who wander haphazardly about the Internet, flitting from online business to online business are the ones who don’t make much money.

Set yourself up a website, either by using a website design program, learning html, or hiring someone to design it for you (if you’re smart, you’ll look to a local college and see if you can find a student looking for experience who would work for a reduced price or as a class project). If you take the time to do it right, to make a plan and have a direction, then you can be one of those who work at home and still make money.
Once you get your website up, you can do the rest of the marketing and selling work at home in front of your computer.

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