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When baby came around, I was the one who wanted to stay home, and he faced slaving away at a thankless job. And there are men (my brother, my friend’s husband, my uncle) who prefer to be home rather than working fulltime, who prefer the role of fulltime parent and the freedom of being stay at home dads to persue their other interests and no one says they are giving up on the dream or letting all men down. I think I share the same preference- a more flexible workforce, one that wasn’t so demanding. Absolutely we have to understand the constraints people are working with within this system we’ve got. If my Mom had not continued to work during my childhood, the odds are extremely high that she would be living at the poverty level or in a loveless marriage. Also, I have a lot of respect for less risk averse women who want to stay home and make it work. I think choosing for one parent to stay at home involves a lot of discusses and choices and the financial aspect is a big part of the picture. I mean, I get that women who choose to stay home with kids are judged more unfairly than women who choose to climb the corporate ladder.
Basically, while I totally agree that women who choose to stay home with kids deserve more respect, sometimes I feel sad that it seems like that’s the only way out of the corporate world, and the only two options are reckless ambition or reproduction. Working from home can be a great way to enhance your family budget without having to make a huge lifestyle adjustment. Mother of toddlers and freelance writer Susan Smith says, "I get most of my work done while the kids are napping or after they go to sleep at night.
Working Mom 3.0 is reinventing the definition of "working mom," as office hours are held at home and revolve around nap times. Just like Susan and Nadine, despite the challenges -- and with a little creative ingenuity -- many moms are making a valuable contribution to household expenses with WAH (work at home) positions.
Before we get started taking a peek at legitimate WAHM jobs, one word of warning about work at home scams.
You probably won't get rich stuffing envelopes or posting ads to online forums, but there are some real work at home jobs that can be lucrative and fun. Craigslist: Be wary and wise, but you can find positions close to home -- or almost anywhere. Even though advances in technology allow many to work in telecommute capacities from remote locations, there are still many in the situation described above. National statistics show that remote workers are more productive, take fewer sick days and have a more pleasing and quieter work environment than those still stuck in the corporate rat race.
However, if you are still reading in that tiny, cramped cubicle, you may be wondering if the dream of working from your home office will ever be a reality for you.
7.Prioritize your tasks so that you are working on the things that really matter, the tasks that are bringing you to your long-term goals. I’m a mom who has the ability to work from home and I really feel blessed that I can. Balancing a career and kids is challenging and it doesn’t matter if they are home or in school, you will feel yourself up on that tightrope a lot. Have a Plan–If you are just going back to work whether from home or out in the corporate world, you need to have plans in place for child care, after school activities, back up plans for snow days and sick days and a support person you can call for any of the unplanned situations that occur with kids. Have a Flexible Workplace-This is why I love working from home and being able to create my own hours to work around things that I need to do. Lose your expectations or at least adjust them-If something is not working change it and understand that there is no perfection and you don’t have to be perfect.

If you are looking for a more flexible career, something that will allow you the ability to work from a home office while earning a corporate level income, we can help. I can relate well to working at home with kids and for moms that have had their kids in school all year, summer can bring new challenges.
Most of the country is buried under mountains of snow, experiencing severe, bone chilling temperature blasts and dealing with kids who are home from school more than they are in. We also know moms need and want flexible schedules and time off to stay engaged and attend activities with their families.
I cannot tell you how many white knuckle rides there were to and from the office and just how many close calls. If you would like to explore more about the possibility of working from home and have a real career, contact us and we would love to explore the options with you.
Try and use carpool solutions with other moms to shuttle your kids to and from their summer activities.
There are so many benefits in being able to have a financially profitable career from home.
One of the last benefits I will touch on is how I can achieve financial and time freedom that allows my family the ability to save, pay off debt, go on vacations, and just enjoy life along with the time freedom working from home provides. Considering your work *directly* serves individuals and families who need support, I’d hope that value would be easily recognized. I am paying the bills now so that FH can finish up his degree and hop on out in the working world. This bothers me only because if something ever happens to the breadwinner, the work-at-home spouse (usually a woman) may not have a good way to support her family. We do not have kids yet, but my husband and I have started to talk about it and me staying at home with baby is definitely an opportunity we will be seeking for. But until that’s a reality, we need to be fair that there are women (and men, both) who are struggling to make everything work within the established system as it is. My dad’s income shrunk over the course of their marriage (he works in a dying industry), while her income grew steadily.
For example I would insist on equal funding of retirement accounts in each of our names, regardless of who was and wasn’t working. But for me, the most judged group of all is that third group of stay at home women who are NOT moms and who don’t want to be. You can still be there to pick up your kids from school or stay home with your little ones. Rather than feeling torn between climbing the corporate ladder and having a happy family life, many women are choosing to merge the two and transition careers from a traditional role to a more flexible one. Stuffing envelopes or assembling birdhouses from home is unlikely to be a viable source of income. While most would never admit it, that is why they will not embrace the remote work lifestyle. However some small companies realize big savings with remote workers and can reduce their overhead costs considerably. Get rid of distractions-turn off social media and alerts, turn off your phone, set aside the time you need for a task and work until finished. Maybe it’s a subconscious undervaluing of anything classified as “women’s work.” Maybe a concern that women are accepting the boring end of the stick by sitting in front of Sesame Street all day (if you are sitting in front of Sesame Street all day, I’m sure that’s true), but what concerns me is that it possibly reflects an inability to value both differences and equality, at the same time. Women who find value in being in their own homes for a significant portion of the day, however that plays out.

My parents made a reasonable decision based on whose job had benefits, and then went from there. If I want to stay home and raise my 9 children to be global citizens and damn fine human beings that is also EQUALLY fine. I am going to keep working because I am risk averse and I want to be able to have some real control over my financial future. Now I’m shedding those expectations and trying to build a life that fits me in all aspects- work, hobbies, health, relationships, etc.
The internet is ripe with scams preying on people who are looking to make an easy buck from home. Some managers like the power they feel running their little empire where they can see their worker bees right in front of them.
There are so many crafts that kids can do on their own, and I find setting kids up with a fun activity keeps them happy and lets you get work done.
Filing, paying bills, pulling reports, organizing digital documents, preparing for meetings, updating web content and scheduling social media posts are all tasks that sometimes can be put off and tackled outside of the times when your children are home & awake. My husband and I thought about who was having an easier time finding lucrative work, who had aspirations outside of a just-bill-paying job, and who wanted to be home. Read on for some of the best jobs you can do while never having to get out of your footie pajamas.
They crave contact with co workers and sometimes feel that family interruptions could affect their performance negatively.
Staying home to be with my kid has been akin to any of the other decisions made in my marriage. For guys who go the traditional route, they don’t seem to get any kickback from the world. But in reality, the vast majority of part-time jobs are terrible jobs to have, and most high-powered professional jobs are all or nothing.
I’m not trying to be judgmental at all, I just need some insight from someone who has been through the trenches. In reality it is due to their incompetent management skills and lack of knowledge about how to manage a remote workforce.
There are other women (like me), though, for whom staying at home only better serves to reach those dreams.
So this week, in addition to your regularly scheduled wedding content, we’ve asked a few familiar faces to join in a conversations about parenthood as it pertains to home and work. Today we start with our own Liz, as she navigates working from home while also taking care of a kiddo during the day.
This week we’ll also hear from Meg on the wonders of daycare, as well as longtime reader Brandi on her experiences as a stay at home parent.
While these perspectives certainly don’t even graze the complete possibilities of parenthood, my hope is that through them we can begin to expand our conversations on Parenthood out from June Cleaver and into something a bit more like real life.

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