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Alpine Access is a call center company that uses customer service representatives that work from home.
Convergys hires home-based call center agents who provide support in customer service, and also supplies sales agents or help desk staff for companies.
Extended Presence provides their clients with outbound sales agents and marketing support staff who work from home. VIPDesk provides call center support and also offers a home-based concierge service to clients.

Unfortunately, so many of the offers turn out to be scams, designed to take your hard-earned money.But a growing number of legitimate companies are looking for home-based workers. Although the work is conducted from home, interviews for the job aren't always done remotely.So there you are.
Remember this is a potential career and you should do the same amount of homework as you would do a traditional job.Ask for a local reference and talk to that person about the job (including how much they make). This could be a sign of a pyramid scheme (most of these are not just scams, they're illegal and you could face prosecution).Finally, don't pay anything before you work.

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