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The team will be based at Facebook’s new British headquarters in Covent Garden and will focus on the its services for third party app developers as well as its mobile products, which are seen as vital to its future success.
Taking after on the lines of Google, Microsoft and Linkedin, Facebook is augmenting its system from social to expert world. According to reports, Facebook at Work will incorporate separate work proficient page without including the client’s social profile data on their page or the other way around.

This promising new gimmick by Facebook is going to contend with Linkedin as an issue system, and Google Drive and Microsoft Office, as an issue cooperation instrument. Facebook email, didn’t get a decent reaction, assuredly this time the informal organization will come better arranged with its methodology. Talented outside app developers are prized and courted by Google, Apple and Microsoft for their mobile operating systems, so Facebook must compete and keep up technologically to ensure its flow of hit social games is not staunched.

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