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Zircon's Center Finders, the best center finding stud finder on the market, use our patented CenterVision® technology to find the edges and center of the stud for you, so you know where to nail, drill, or hammer after one pass across the wall.
If you're a casual home improvement enthusiast that won't be using the tool very often, our entry level StudSensor™ EDGE stud finder may be all you need.
An entry-level stud edge finder with a newly redesigned body and WireWarning® detection. The beauty of our StudSensor™ products is that they'll work perfectly even if you don't understand why. If you've been in a hardware store you've probably noticed that Zircon isn't the only company making stud finders. Zircon brought the first stud finder to the market and dominated it for decades with our unique technology.
Average Work At Home Job Finders salaries for job postings nationwide are 188% higher than average salaries for all job postings nationwide.

Workfinders USA has redefined return-to-work by focusing on the most complex claims your company has. Our proven system delivers significant claim costs savings while supplying workers with the best chance to succeed. A stud finder is a valuable tool that makes the job of finding studs behind a wall very simple. You would then run the stud finder against the surface again from the other direction to find the other stud edge and using a ruler, determine the center of the stud. All other stud finders, from all other brands, use the same technology we patented in the early 1980s.
Zircon has moved forward with the first stud finders to have AC detection, deep scanning capabilities, a targeted spotlight, and many other innovations that our competitors copied for their devices. If you're hanging a picture or drilling a hole you should always do so in the center, and in order to do that you either need to find the edges and then figure out the center from there, or pick up a center-finding stud finder.

We specialize in providing return-to-work services to post-MMI claims, delivering aggressive, cost-containing solutions that resolve long-tail claims from the permanently restricted workforce.
Before there were stud finders, either you pounded a small nail into the wall until you hit a stud or you used a small pivoting magnet. Zircon made the first center-finders and the technology we use is still patented, leaving our competitors to come up with workarounds that just aren't as accurate. Insurers, TPAs and self-insureds no longer have to be saddled with costly, ongoing workers’ compensation claims.
The second patent below shows you exactly how to build this sort of stud finder.The latest technology in stud finders uses a very small radar system to detect the stud.

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