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September 11, 2012 By admin 13 CommentsIf you have read any of the reviews for Work at Home University you might have read some confusing and conflicting information. Plus, once you complete the basic training program there is an extra section of training for advanced training that helps you to take your home business to the next level.
The best part of the programs that are available with the Work at Home University system is that you don’t have to complete all of the training modules in order to find success.
The reality is that Work at Home University has some of the best membership support out there. Truly, membership with Work at Home University can transform your working life and improve your financial outlook. Work At Home University Covers every aspect of running an online business through their training center. Due to health issues, I simply can’t work at a normal job where I have to commute each day and be there from 9-5.

Hi there My name is kayla im a young mom been trying to find work forever that works around my sceduale with my son and I was wondering if I could please ask you for information ..
Kayla, there are many success stories out there from people working from home who use the very same techniques taught by the Michelle Withrow Work at Home University program. Hi, I am curious about this work at home business opportunity my husband and I have been looking for some way to make extra money to be stable in our lives. I recently returned to the home page of this product only to find it has been Hijacked by a Silver Give away scheme.
I have been looking into the program for about 3 months wondering if I should try this or not and its the only thing online I think would work for me( But im scared to be scammed when I dont have enough money to through it at nothing) . For Genuine work, home jobs can be a good source of income but this particular product won't help you to get there.
I have been looking for a way to make some extra money from home and haven’t been very successful in my search.

The training materials and support team also offer many alternatives such as free ways to get a website, etc… If you are hard working and willing to learn then this is for sure a good investment. Take a closer look at WHO is posting any negative reviews before you believe what you’re reading. Most often you will realize the individuals posting these reviews are not even members of the work at home university program and the only thing they are interested in is making money by selling you something else.

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