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At this time, my application has been accepted to adopt from Haiti by Chinese Children Adoption International (CCAI) and I am saving money to begin my adoption home study process.
Let Me Tell You How!Posted on June 5, 2013 by Mommy to the Monsters • 0 CommentsI get asked often how I am able work from home as a single, homeschooling mom, so I decided to do a post to tell you. In this video, I will explain to you how you I am able to successfully work from home as a single homeschooling mom. I am a 30 something year old, Single, Christian, Homeschooling, Work at Home Entrepreneur that became a mom by choice through the blessing of adoption in 2007.
I am so thankful that I have the means to provide for a child’s daily needs, but the reality is there is a substantial amount of money (close to $32,000) needed to bring this child home.
We would be honored to know that you helped me bring my child home and knowing that this one child will have the opportunity of growing up in a home, instead of an orphanage. As Kara Swisher on All Things D reports, Reses explained the change by saying speed and quality are sacrificed when folks work from home.

And especially never mind that some workers may have taken jobs at Yahoo because they could work from home all or part of the time. By June, everyone has to be on site.It's unfortunate that Mayer sees an on-site workforce as the only way to get Yahoo back on track—and not just because Mayer is a woman or a parent (though one would hope this could give her a broader perspective on how moms get stuff done). I miss the office, the work clothes and sometimes even the commute (I have three kids—alone time is dreamy). But I also have the routine down, don't get distracted by undone housework (oh no, no, no) and have developed such excellent working relationships with some bosses and co-workers that sometimes I forget I have never actually met them.I've also learned that working from home, especially as a parent, is often misunderstood. You can make it work a bit, but not full-time, five days a week, week after week after week. Which is why most people I know who work from home still send their kids out to a babysitter, preschool or day care—or, in a pinch, work many, many hours late at night. Anyway, we work-from-home types often toil through the lunch hour, since there's no onsite cafeteria (just leftovers) and no daily lunch buddy (for me, the absolute worst downside of not going in to an office).

Hell, we'll even answer emails in the waiting room.RELATED: What Not to Say to Work-at-Home MomsAlso, we get used to working! In fact, it's one of the biggest challenges when you let work into your home: you never stop. Of course, just like any workplace, you get your achievers and the ones who fly under the radar. What she doesn't get is that saving her sinking ship doesn't require every worker's physical presence all the time.
It requires leadership and a vision implemented by good, productive workers who generally like what they do, like who they work for and feel like the job meets their needs as much as they meet the job's requirements.

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