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At huge companies, MBAs, lawyers and PR professionals over-analyze ever detail in a marketing campaign.
Sure, Kelloggs can feed the starving kids, but first we have to help get their social engagement numbers up. Maybe my favorite brand of social media marketing fail is when a corporation tries to create a dialog with their followers and things go horribly wrong. Social media presents a lot of amazing opportunities for companies to build their brand, engage with customers and market to new people.
About GSMGolden State Marketing was founded in April, 2014 as a full-service online marketing company, providing search engine optimization, social media management and professional web design services to Bay Area businesses.

Since then, GSM has become one of the fastest growing marketing companies in the Bay Area and has been able to successfully increase wen traffic and revenue for numerous companies. The important thing about making mistakes is that you learn from them – so we hope you learn from these and create social media success stories for your brand.
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You would think that in this environment, large corporations would be extra careful with their social media activity.
But for some reason, they take a much more relaxed approach when it comes to social media marketing.

Trying to represent your company or appeal to people in an aggregate sense can be difficult in this medium. From desperate corporate Facebook pages posting anything to get a like or share to accidental and wildly inappropriate company tweets, many brands have tried and failed in their quest for social buzz. Hundreds of startups have used their social platform in innovative and admirable ways to grow their business.

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