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Social media is a large term but mainly it’s about people communicating with each other online.
When we want it, the language can be a separator, a thing that helps us find our own group of people.
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The English language is evolving faster than ever - leaving older Brits literally lost for words, research has revealed.

Although there are some country or area specific differences in which are most popular social media services, the communities are more or less worldwide. As a result, our online languages start to have similarities and language barriers become smaller. Similarly, the language can also be a unifier that brings us closer to the mass and creates the feeling of togetherness. Those language barriers that we have in the offline world aren’t the same as we have in the internet.

Sometimes people are worried that SMS, instant messengers and other real-time communication tools are ruining the language.
The learning process involves finding a common language and a suitable communication style.

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