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From my experience, I have concluded most of the website promising online jobs are fake, however that doesn’t mean there aren’t any online jobs altogether. Hence I have jot down a list of few genuine online jobs that could pay you if you live in Hyderabad or anywhere else in the country. Although all online jobs requires skill, if you cannot read or write English or don’t have knowledge of computer, Internet then online jobs are not for you. First three jobs are for high skilled professionals and next three are for less skilled people. You can create a blog online in seconds and start writing or posting images, photos and creating content which is close to your hobby. If you know, this is very lucrative online job because in India and especially in Hyderabad there are a lot of web designers who are doing this and making a lot of money. Now we would like to talk about some of the online jobs which are little bit less skilled compared to previous three.

Therefore, there is a great potential that you might find a job according to your skill and earn a steady income from Elance. But only problem is most of the jobs are fake hence you have to enquire before you start working. If you have the time to visit the Internet for hours a day, you would really have the time to do some online jobs. I started looking out for other jobs that are easy to work and you could earn a good income. After spending a couple of years I found out there are few genuine online jobs from which you could make a lot of money.
If you don’t then Fiverr is a site where you could offer a service of any kind for just $5. Although the name Google jobs sound confusing because there aren’t too many Google jobs, it’s just one.

However, if you have knowledge about designing and programming then you could start designing websites online or your clients worldwide. However, if you are looking for less skilled job then search for various jobs posted by hirers around the world. If you less skilled and don’t have knowledge about technical stuff then data entry jobs are best for you. You can take up surveys, where you have to fill a form answering simple questions, like “do you travel”, “how often do you travel”, “how you travel”, questions like these.

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