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Apple has put up a job post requesting a carrier technician familiar with the Sprint network, which has led many to believe they may be prepping to include Sprint in their ammunition chest of US carriers that support the iPhone. Apple in a newly discovered job posting effectively gave away plans to make a Sprint iPhone. While it is not anything new to see Apple job postings, TechCrunch spotted a listing for iWork that stood out from the crowd. So a new employment opportunity popped up at Apple's job listings the other day and Apple is looking for an experienced iPhone Security Engineer to create "proof of concept" attacks on current security mechanisms and provide risk analysis of potential security threats. In this article, you will see how WordPress is turned into an online job-posting website with just a few simple tweaks.
Once installed you get the ability to add, manage and categorize job listings inside the WordPress admin area.

The plugin make use of shortcodes and this makes it simple for you to add the functionality where you need it. The Submit Job form used by employers is created by inserting the shortcode [submit_job_form] on a WordPress page.
As noted by Engadget, Apple has been busy posting job listings for engineers to work on design and testing of antennas for the company's iPhone and iPad. The job listings is inserted into your posts and pages using shortcodes and they will be searchable & filterable using Ajax. They even get a cool live preview function to help them check the listing before it goes live. You can set to either auto approve or wait for an approval for a job post, set listing duration before being deleted from the database and account creation for job posters.

The recruit would be responsible for getting technical certification of devices in an area where Sprint is the only company with a major office. Job posters can add email address and website to allow candidates to contact them and apply.
This includes a paid listing function making it possible for the site owner to make money through the job board. It includes all the necessary features to easily manage and customize your job post without having much coding knowledge.

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