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As with other media and marketing channels, you need to adopt field-proven strategies to maximize your results from social media. Just because you're not posting drunken selfies doesn't mean you've got this social networking thing down. No matter what social media channel(s) you choose, a buckshot approach won’t work any better than in other forms of media. Today, many social networks today offer you the ability to add free banners to your company page. A smartly designed banner with a link back to your site can serve as a great click-through generator: to help convert page visitors into bona fide prospects or followers.

It's critical to keep all public interaction professional, regardless of which social media site you're on, he says. But online, via social media, it can be difficult to interpret these contextual clues, he says."That can lead to some major misunderstandings and social faux pas," says Dobey. When that audience is mixing personal and professional, you're going to introduce misunderstandings.
And it may come back to haunt you, he says."You have to be aware of how permanent this medium is. Once content's out there, it's out there forever -- it'll never die, like a zombie, and you should be aware that it'll probably rear its ugly head at the worst possible moment, like when you're trying to get a job," he says.One of the first things recruiters do is Google candidates, and scour social media to get a sense of the candidate's personality and potential cultural fit with an organization, Metcalf says.

In one case, he says, he was recruiting for a major investment firm, and had located the perfect candidate -- the right skills, experience, background and location -- but what he saw on the candidate's Facebook page gave him pause."One thing I always do is scour Facebook for candidates' background and culture information," Metcalf says. That way, when a recruiter does see your profile, you instantly have credibility as someone who is interested in and engaged with the industry and major players -- you're branding yourself as a thought leader," he says.Another mistake candidates make, Metcalf says, is appearing desperate in their interactions with hiring companies.
Chen's company offers a one-click solution for users to create personal websites that can serve as online resumes or portfolios, and offers integration with LinkedIn to better showcase job-seekers' talents, he says."You're not only being judged by the personal content versus professional content you post, it's also about the ratio of non-work-related posts that show up in your feed," he says.

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