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The social media outlets, while being a great way to engage with customers, come with their own set of security risks. Social networks are used for a vast amount of reasons, some of which are less than appropriate. In fact, employees’ own personal social presences can leak into the entire company’s security issues. Managers and IT personnel all need to be on the same page in order to create a uniform security front.
Employee associations with social networks that are less-than-appealing can shed a whole new, undesired light on your company and its values.

Though there are security risks present, do not make the mistake of abstaining from all social media in general. While some companies may choose to restrict internal access to their business social media sources, others may choose to prohibit employees from associating the business on their personal social pages. You will want to outline appropriate and inappropriate social media behaviors, as well as avenues that should be completely avoided.
They should not only be properly and equally trained, but they should also be able to set security leadership examples and enforce policies.
You may want to consider enforcing a no-employment disclosure for your workers; ask them to leave their employment statuses blank on their Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, or whatever other social networks they tend to use.

Do your best to update security areas in your operating systems and perform regular anti-virus evaluations.
As long as you take the necessary safety precautions, there will no reason to restrict your business from the benefits it may gain from partaking in social media.

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