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As you think about hiring a social media strategist for your brand or using an an advertising agency to back-fill this critical position I’d recommend ensuring the individual or agency has these 16 critical skills. 5) Understands and can utilize emerging platforms and social media measurement tools including: Radian6, Sprout Social, HootSuite, Tweetdeck, Klout, Peer Index, et al. 16) In-depth understanding of SEO best practices and how to utilize social web and marketing to drive SERPs and traffic. Since I’ve been in the social media realm for so long (considering how new it is), I have time and experience on my side and have worked on everything from high-level entertainment branding and social channel voice development to day-to-day plans, online crisis communication strategy and execution via social channels.

Search Engines, Social Media & Mobile are the most disruptive advancements in technology since the Industrial Revolution! You can’t server all at once in many cases, so your social media strategist has to articulate your messaging to achieve desired ROI. Whether a new found planning love or a transitioning strategist, social has brought a lot of people into the limelight in a budding industry.
I help brands, businesses and start-ups to engage with people using digital & social media.

I am a part-time lecturer at University College London (UCL) and the founder of the social enterprise DeadSocial.

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